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Time Prison is a realm in Doodleland that is basically a Paradox Prison. Anything that falls into a paradox will be transported here, where time does not move. Ravens are frozen in the sky, and the tree is always dead. The only thing moving is anything that was teleported here and the Time Reapers.

Rules of the Time Prison

It runs off no seconds, which means anything that belongs here doesn't move, but anything that doesn't belong here does move but doesn't age. Anything teleported here is put into cells, and the only way to escape is getting out of the cells and heading towards the Time Point, which will return you back to your normal time. The Time Reapers however, will most likely get any run-aways and age them. Once a person reaches the age limit of a million, they are sent out, having served their punishment.

Ways in the Time Prison

Once something is gobbled up by a paradox, it will get sent here. Paradoxes can be fixed by putting a living being in, however they will get sent here.

On rare occasions, the Maze of Thoughts can send some dreamers inside here. This is only if they die under certain conditions.

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