The Time Flyer is a time machine in Chrono Chaos. It was created in 7000 A.D., aka Space Exploration by many scientists working together. It is then improved on by Gail in the Great War. The player can name the Time Flyer whatever they like when they first recieve it.


The Time Flyer has the appearance of a golden, slick spaceship with no wings until Gail improves it.


When you first get the Time Flyer, it can fly to different time periods, but it always lands in the same spot every tme until Gail fixes it, whereas you can fly it anywhere on the map. This is nessecary for some parts of the game.


There is a bit of a mystery over the Time Flyer- The plans for it are first seen in the Future, where several scientists are working on a prototype of it, and they say they found the plans in an old diary, that looks like it must be from long ago. The scientist proceeds to ponder how someone could have created plans for the machine so long ago. It is then finally created in 7000 A.D. After you beat the game, however, at the ending cutscene there is a picture of Leon drawing a design for a time machine that looks exactly like the Time Flyer. This means that the diary must be Leon's. However it is unknown how this is possible, because the Time Flyer is what inspired him to make the plans, even though it couldn't be created without those plans, making an indefinite loop.

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