Chapter 1

The screen is black. You hear murmuring nearby

???: Is it complete yet?

?????: Almost...

Mirror: ... ... ...!

You see a blue swirling portal, and you slowly started getting sucked into it. The screen switches to a large forest full of trees. You see the blue portal appear and you see a mirror-like object come out of it.

Mirror (Time & Space A Mirror Adventure)

The screen follows the mirror as it flies through the forest. It comes across a young boy and a fairy.

Young Link-2

As the mirror starts to approach the young boy, and arrow shrouded in darkness passes just by the mirror. A shadowy figure can be see off in the distance.

Shadow: Stop...

Mirror: Is this really what you want?

Shadow: .....

Shadow throws a ball of shadow at Mirror. Mirror starts to glow. The the ball of shadow hits Mirror and reflects off of him, and hits Shadow.

Shadow: Hmmm...

Shadow disappears. Mirror heads back towards the young boy.

Navi: Heeeeeeeyyyyyy!!!!!!! Link, look over there! Link: Hmm... What is that? Navi: Heeeeeeeeyyyy!!!! I don't know. Mirror: Hello, hero of Time. I am Mirror. I am from a place that you have never heard of, I was sent here to find 5 great heroes and 5 great villains that can help stop a great evil. What is your name? Link: My name Link.

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