I do what Nintendon't and Segan't.
Athena Hawkins

New timestrike logo
Founder(s) Athena Hawkins
Founded at/in November 04, 2010 in NYC
Defunct at/in N/A
Headquarters New York City, NY
Area(s) Served Worldwide
Owner(s) Athena Hawkins
No. of Employee(s) 500+ (1 on Fantendo)
Predecessor Fandraxonian Enterprises
 TimeStrike is the result of old company Fandraxonian Enterprises being reformed under a new name.  It has heavily changed from the original, and all the franchises from the former company have been revamped.  The company was reformed on November 4, 2010. Originally a company created to work on all kinds of projects, TimeStrike's motives have changed into developing and publishing projects unrelated to original content. The development of the Zaxinian Lifts passed onto the company's successor, scorpistar, though it still publishes a fair portion of their games in addition to their own. The company is the producer and owner of the TimeStrike Falcon platform and hosts Duck Soup Reviews as a reviewing service.

The company's mascot is Chronia, which it shares with scorpistar.


TimeStrike server members

Our server is a private friend group and is therefore closed in, so we will not be accepting join requests, okay mate? You don't go out handing out invites to private chats like that...! We're not elitist or anything, so please don't get the wrong idea and feel like we're excluding you because that was never our intent. That all said, please DO NOT request a server invite. Your offer will be declined, and anyone that adds members without permission from Athena will be exiled from the server.

Fantendo Feedback server

While not named after TimeStrike, this is a server that you can join that allows you to get serious feedback. Be sure to read all the rules thoroughly, as there's a specific hint you'll have to catch onto!

You can find it here!



You can add your company here if you like TimeStrike's products, view yourself as a friend of them, or wish to collaborate with them in the future.


  • TimeStrike wasn't really going to be a thing, but its predecessor "Fandraxonian Enterprises" did a lot of screw-ups, hence TimeStrike's creation to mend those issues before time ran out. The goal of the company eventually became to strike the clock and always be on schedule and release everything as planned.