The game's official cover art.
Developer(s) PokeIndustries
Publisher(s) 250px-Nintendo svg
Platform(s) Nintendo NX, The RetroLift, The V²
Release Date(s)
Genre(s) Action/Adventure
Storage Needed 3.32 GB
Cost $59.99
TimeFreeze is an action/adventure game developed by PokeIndustries and published by Nintendo. The idea was conceived of in 2015 and is set to be released sometime in 2016.


The Earth's problems are only getting worse. You'd think those people saying we're destroying our Earth are crazy, but as we get closer to destruction, they don't seem so crazy anymore. It's snowing in Iceland, melting in Greenland, and freezing over in Florida. Everything is all out of whack. But somewhere, in the tiny city of Metalville, lives the Helmsberg family. The most important members of the family seem to be the world's only hope- Aaron Helmsberg and Fay.

Aaron is just the average 12 year old boy, and Fay.. well, Fay's just a penguin. However, they stumble across a evil villains lair where Fay slaps buttons and gets them zapped by a giant ray. Aaron now has the power to travel in time, and Fay has the power to freeze time. However, they have to be touching for their powers to work, and if one uses a power neither of them can use their power for the next two minutes.

Aaron, after snooping around, discover that the evil villain whoms lair they stand in is the cause of what is happening to his planet. With their newfound powers, they are determined to hunt down the evil villain and stop the madness.


In TimeFreeze, the gameplay is similar to that of Earthbound/Mother's. It is a free-roaming map but there are set destinations you need to go to. The battling system is basically the same as well but with a newer and easier to use design. Diolauge works as it would in Fire Emblem where a speech bubble pops up to cover part of the bottom of the screen, showing the speakers name and what they are saying. Below is how the map roaming would work.

TimeFreeze Video00:07

TimeFreeze Video

(made by Rob)

You are able to play two player, but 1st player is always Aaron and Fay can never wander too far from Aaron without getting called back. In battles, the players take turns hitting, where Aaron would hit first, and then the next turn Fay would hit, and then Aaron would hit next turn, and so on.

The game automatically saves after you complete a mission. What is a mission, you say? As mentioned earlier, there are set destinations in the map you need to go to. At the set destinations, there are usually objectives you need to complete or it is a starting point for a new objective. Once you finish your objective, or mission, the game automatically saves.

If you get knocked out in a battle, you automatically reset to when you last fully completed a mission.


  • Aaron Helmsberg
  • Fay (page to be made soon)
  • Villain with currently unknown name
  • Aaron's mother and father


All badges for TimeFreeze can be found at The RetroLift/Badges.


All amiibo for TimeFreeze can be found at The RetroLift/Amiibo.

Introduction Cutscene

We pan in on a sign by a large, icy mountain. The sign reads Metalville, Greenland. The icy mountain appears to be... melting? Suddenly, black sweeps across the screen. We cut to the Bahamas, where snow is falling. The screen flashes black once again, only to take us to Antartica, where icebergs and more seem to also be melting. Weather everywhere is out of whack. Suddenly, the screen flashes black again.

Chapter 1

The screen opens up to inside of Aaron's bedroom. He is laying down in his bed, before he wakes up. He jumps out of bed. The player can now take a look around his room, but they need to head downstairs to his mother and father. Once they arrive downstairs, you see Fay and Aaron's parents eating at the breakfast table. Aaron's parents greet you and tell you and Fay to head out to work, where they cut ice cubes out of the ground. A dialogue box gives you instructions on how to get there.

Once you arrive, there is a cutscene of Aaron using a pickaxe to cut out small parts of the ground. Suddenly, he hits the wrong place. Sparks go flying off his pickaxe and the ground starts cracking all around him and Fay. Fay squaks nonstop, until the ice give outs beneath them. They both fall in. The cutscene ends, and you and Fay are now in the water. However, the assumed freezing cold water is... warm? A dialogue box pops up showing Aaron taking note of this to Fay.


The player can now swim outside of the water, and Fay will follow him. They try to head home, but get lost and confused as the normal markings of ice and such aren't there anymore. They instead stumble across a large, mysterious cave.

Chapter 2

Aaron questions where they've ended up to Fay, who responds with a squak.


Another cutscene begins. Aaron walks over to a table that has blueprints all over it, and Fay walks to a nearby machine. He hits a button, and starts squaking and slammin more buttons. Aaron walks over to see what Fay is doing, when suddenly the machine goes off and zaps them both. The machine appears to have had no effect. The player now has to walk back over to the table. When you can zoom in, you see a blueprint for something called "Apocalypse Machine". Aaron has a puzzled face and the player grabs it from the table. 

Aaron tells Fay they have to get going, and they start walking home. Once they arrive back home, they yell hello to their parents. However, no response comes back. They walk into the living room where his father is sitting on the couch, completely still. The TV is also not moving, as if it were paused. Aaron trys to go unpause it, but it stays as is.  Aaron once again has a puzzled face and looks at Fay, who shrugs with his penguin wings. Aaron asks Fay why isn't anything moving, but as soon as he says the word moving his father jumps.

His father asked where the remote is, and Aaron still has it from when he tries to unpause the TV. He hands it over to his father, who then questions where they came from.

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