Time's End (series)
The first book's logo.
Publisher(s) Dorrance Publishing
Genre(s) Action Adventure
Spinoff(s) NONE
"Time's End" is a trilogy of books made by DoodleFox. The first one will be released sometime in 2017, but not much is known about the rest of the series.


  • Time's End: The first book in the series. This kickstarts the entire series, introducing us to half of the main cast and locations.
  • Time's End: Into the Distorted: The second book in the series. Half of the main cast is trapped in another dimension, while the others meet a new character: Zin.
  • Time's End: Status Rift: The final book in the series. Planet Kurosucruse is being sucked up into a rift in space, showing that time has indeed ended.


  • Mylon: The main character. An orphan who was kidnapped by a traveling circus, he's the last of the Clock Keepers, an "extinct" race. He now must travel with a band of alien races across Kurosucruse.
  • Dubbull: Once a scammer from an alien race known as the Foorsidead, Dubbull serves his team by handing out weapons and items. Dubbull seems to be cold and mean at first, but opens up as time goes on.
  • The Doctor: A lady of an unknown alien race who dresses up as a "plague doctor." She's never seen without her bird known as Paglue. She creates medicines using nearby materials to help her team.
  • The Empty Ones: A group of different aliens who want to throw off the balance of time so "space can rule all." Their leader has ties with The Clock Keepers, although he isn't one of them.
  • Zin: ???

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