Time's End
The title for the book, made by TBA.
Author "DoodleFox"
Publisher Dorrance Publishing
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Age 12+
Genre(s) Action Adventure
Chapter(s) 20
Series Times End
Prequel(s) None
Sequel(s) Times End: Into the Distorted
"Time's End," or "Time's End 1," is the first in a series of books known by Time's End. It's the beginning of a 3-part trilogy of books made by DoodleFox (tbc). Originally concieved as a web-comic, the series follows a group of heroes trying to stop villains known as The Empty Ones from disrupting the balance between time, death, life, and space. The release date is not known, but it is said to come out some time in 2017.


On a planet known as Kurosucruce, a boy named Mylon was taken as a child and forced to perform for The Magnificent Magpiem's Traveling Circus as a teen. During a raid made by theives during a performance, Mylon is kidnapped and put on a floating pirate ship by a floating block-like alien with two faces named Dubbull and a lady dressed up as a plague doctor named The Doctor, followed by her bird Paglue. They inform Mylon that he's the last of the The Clock Keepers, an ancient race who not only protected time and space, but also brought all of Kurosucruce's alien races together on one planet. Mylon is forced to travel with these people, but not before they make a stop at one of Kurosucruce's most famous locations: The Centra.

When they get there, they are immediately asked to go to the tallest tower in the city, which is owned by the brother of Dubbull, Tripull. Tripull informs Mylon that there is a cult called The Empty Ones that have been watching him since he was kidnapped by the circus. They want to kill him so no one can keep the balance to time in place, and plan to do so when he hasn't learned the techniques yet.



  • The name for the planet Kurosucruce is made from the Japanese and Spanish translations for "crossover." "Kurosu" comes from the Japanese word for crossover, "kurosuōbā," while "cruce" comes from the Spanish word for crossover, which is "cruce."

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