Timber the Tiger is a platform video game developed by Saden and Nentec for the Nintendo Mercury .  Timber the Tiger is the second installment in the Timber series and chronicles the titular character's encounter with the series antagonist Wizpig . The game's story focuses on Timber 's efforts to stop Wizpig's plan to take over the island and win back the Gold Balloons. The game features several open-world levels where the player must complete a number of challenges like solving puzzles, jumping over obstacles, gathering objects, and defeating opponents. 

Timber 64, a game starring Timber himself, was in developement but was later scrapped for unknown reasons. After Nintendo witnessed the success of Banjo-Kazooie  and Conker's Bad Fur Day, spin-off titles from Diddy Kong Racing, they asked Saden and another company called Nentec to work on a Timber game for the Nintendo Mercury. The game turned out being an instant success once it hit the shelves and sold nearly 1.3 million copies the month it was released. 


Set in Timber's Island, Timber the Tiger follows the story of Timber. The game begins with Porktroopers, Wizpig's foot soldiers, attempting to mine for gold on planet Gipp for a large gold statue Wizpig ordered to be built in his honor. The Porktroopers mine, only to find out that there in no gold. One of the Porktroopers looks at the blueprints Wizpig gave him and the actual work they've accomplished and realizes that they're no where close to done and far behind in work. Nervously, the Porktrooper goes to Wizpig's throne room to tell of their failure to accomplish the task given to them. Wizpig, expecting to hear that they were finished, yells at him and orders him to get his spaceship ready for take-off, and set it on a course to planet Krop, neighboring planet Gipp and abundant in gold mines. The Porktroopers ready the ship and begin their travel. Nevertheless, it turns out that the map they'd used had been read upside down; in additon, the gas tank hadn't been filled up and the pilots were asleep in the cockpit. The spaceship starts hurdling toward Earth, onto Timber's Island. Bumper the Badger sees the large spacecraft land somewhere near Greenwood Forest. He goes to Timber's house and tells him what he witnessed. Timber offers to go check it out but Bumper comments, saying that Timber wasn't exactly the hero-type, which frustrates Timber. Bumper then says that he can find Diddy Kong's number in the phonebook and will call him over to straighten things out. Timber still goes to check out the spaceship, and Bumper teaches him a moveset to help defend himself from the enemies that lurk in every direction. Timber does encounter Wizpig breaking free from the wreckage of the spaceship but unfortunately, Wizpig escapes. Timber pursues him, only to find himself lost in Greenwood Forest. Finding a small purple tent, Timber enters and is greeted by Taj, who suggests collecting Gold Ballons hidden in the areas, he can access other places to progress through the island and defeat Wizpig. 

By the time most of the Gold Balloons are collected, Timber faces off with Wizpig and defeats him. Embarassed at his sudden defeat, Wizpig flees in his spaceship back to planet Gipp. Timber and his friends, Bumper, Pipsy, Taj, T.T., Drumstick, and Clawdine celebrate at Timber's house. A fleet of Porktrooper Cruisers invade the island and capture Timber and his friends, and prepare to go to planet Gipp. During all of this, Timber is knocked out and finds himself strapped down on an operating table. He frees himself from the ropes, using his claws, and tries to escape, only to be caught by Porktroopers. He takes them all out and disguises himself as one of them. Trying to act all casual, Timber, disguised as a Porktrooper, attempts to find his friends. While searching in many of the rooms, Timber finds a door labeled: Authorized Personnel Only. Opening the door, and switching on the lightswitch, Timber encounters robot look-a-like clone cyborgs called Timbernators, that look exactly like him. Timber then realizes that that is the reason he was in the operating room was because he was being cloned. Timber then finds his friends and they escape the spaceship after they tie up the pilot and co-pilot. Just as the ship is about to crash, Timber and his friends escape. Believing the the Timbernator clones have all been destroyed, only one survives and swears revenge on Timber. After wreaking much havoc and destruction on Gipp, Timber and his friends make their way to Star City, Gipp's capital and fight Wizpig. 

Wizpig is defeated once and for all and Timber and his friends go back home and celebrate their victory with all their other friends on Timber's Island. The game ends with the Timbernator contemplating his revenge on Timber and his friends. 


Timber the Tiger is a single-player platform game in which the player controls Timber. The game is split into several different worlds where the player must gather Gold Balloons to advance. The player transits through Timber's Island which acts as the game's overworld. The game is heavily based off of Nintendo 64 classics Super Mario 64, Banjo-Kazooie, and Conker's Bad Fur Day, and borrows elements from such as these. Players don't always have to collect all the Gold Balloons in one area and can advance if they have the right number. But to fully complete the game, the player will have to do so. 

Major Characters


  • Timber the Tiger - Making his video game debut in Diddy Kong Racing, Timber stars in his very own game for the first time in years. With the help of his friends, he defeats Wizpig and wins back the Gold Balloons and peace on the island is restored. 
  • Bumper the Badger - A badger who wears a red crash helmet, yellow goggles and gloves to match. After the events of Diddy Kong Racing, Bumper's racing days are over now and now he resorts to a more calm, carefree life. He lives in a burrow not to far from Timber's house. Being a badger, he doesn't care to much for sunlight and often spends most of his time indoors. 
  • Pipsy the Mouse - Don't let her size fool you; Pipsy's bossy, pushy nature is sure to drive you crazy after a while, and after Diddy Kong Racing, she's seem to take a new interest in bows, something instead of racing. She wears a large, red polka-dot bow on her head. If Timber finds all her bows hidden across the island, she just might give him a Gold Balloon. 
  • Drumstick the Rooster - The overalls wearing rooster who made his first appearance in Diddy Kong Racing as a...frog. Not so thrilling, right? After challenging Wizpig to a race, that was the last seen or heard from him, until Timber and his friends stumbled upon a strange-looking frog with rooster-like features, only to find out that Wizpig transformed him into a frog. After Diddy Kong Racing, Drumstick now owns a farm of his own, which is actually visited by Timber himself some point in the game. 
  • T.T. - Despite being the fastest racer on Timber's Island, T.T. is a bit of a klutz sometimes. And if not, probably all the time! After the events that follow Diddy Kong Racing, which marks his first debut, he now apparently is married to Mrs. T.T. After their wedding, they planned their honeymoon at Snowflake Mountain but their cabin got snowed in so they stayed in there for nearly 5 years! Talk about cabin fever! Luckily he is rescued by Timber. 
  • Taj the Genie - Some say Taj has been living on Timber's Island longer than any one else...his existence will remain a mystery... If you ever ask Taj how old he is, he won't give you an answer. In fact, he doesn't like when people ask him that and finds it very rude. By collecting Taj Tokens, you can purchase items at his store in his tent. You should try going there sometime. I think today everything is 50% off. 
  • Clawdine - Timber's girlfriend. She is quite the catch. Nobody, and I mean nobody knows how on Earth Timber was able to find a girl like her. She's tall, with long blonde hair that goes all the way down to her back. Most would believe her to be naive, snotty, and snobbish, which she sometimes may appear to be but she's kind and caring. It took Pipsy a while to get used to her, though. In the game, Clawdine is captured by Hogga the Hutt, who forced her to be his new personal slave, chained to his throne and subject to his affections. Much of a parody from the American space opera Star Wars, Timber and his friends come to her rescue. Timber drops into an trap door, into the lair of the Oinker. Timber defeats the Oinker and rescues Clawdine and the rest is history. She also appears at the end of the game to celebrate Timber's victory over Wizpig. 


  • Wizpig - An alien wizard pig from planet Gipp, Wizpig invaded Timber's Island in Diddy Kong Racing and brainwahsed the inhabitants to believe that he was their ruler. Timber and his friends formed a resistance force against his tyranny and drove him out of their home, only to travel to his homeworld and defeat him once again, this time, for good. He appears once again to invade the island and steal the Gold Balloons to use for the gold statue he wanted built to commemerate himself. Wizpig's family tree consists of a long line of aliens, wizards, pigs, and possibly even a vampire! Do you see the way he dresses? 
  • Porktroopers - Porktroopers are a group of soliders under the command of Wizpig. They are made resemble stormtroopers from Star Wars. The Porktoopers wield blaster rifles and Porktrooper Cruisers. Many different types of Porktroopers appear in the game. Shadow Porktroopers, are specialized porktroopers of very high ranks, and harder to defeat than a regular Porktrooper. Porktroopers appear to be quite dim-witted and aloof, as seen that they forgot to fill the gas tank even when Wizpig directly told them to. Not only that but the pilots were asleep in the cockpit, causing the ship to crash land on Timber's Island. Some porktroopers remain loyal to Wizpig but most fear him or hate him. Some had even planned to kill him in his sleep. Nonetheless porktroopers are the foot soldiers of Wizpig. 
  • Timbernators - Cyborg look-alikes of Timber manufactured by Wizpig and his porktroopers. Timber encounters them on Wizpig's ship but manages to get rid of all of them, all but one, who swears revenge to kill Timber the Tiger and replace him as the new Timber. It is unknown if he'll ever reappear in the series or not. 

Frankenswine - Frankeswine is a pig created by Wizpig's scientist and a boss in Timber the Tiger.

Minor Characters 

  • Bluey the Walrus
  • Blubber the Octopus
  • Smokey the Dragon
  • Slimy the Snail
  • Pincers the Crab
  • Terry the Tricerotops
  • Apato the Apatosaur
  • Rapto the Veliciraptor
  • Plesio the Plesiosaur
  • Diplod the Diplodocus
  • Stego the Stegasaurs
  • Anky the Ankylosaur
  • Perry the Pterodactyl
  • Fency the Fencepost 
  • Hosey the Hose
  • Faucey the Faucet 
  • Palmy the Palm Tree
  • Orca the Whale
  • Bottlenose the Dolphin
  • Goldie the Goldfish
  • Welly the Well 
  • Henrietta the Hen 
  • Mrs. Spoutfire 
  • Hickory Dickory
  • Candelabra 
  • Hungry Hungry Catepillar
  • Baa Baas 
  • Taj's lamp
  • Taj's mirror
  • Taj's carpet 

List of Enemies 

  • Buzzz
  • Itsy Bitsy
  • Snaptrap 
  • Prickly Pears 
  • Mister Twister
  • Ribbit
  • Red Ribbit
  • Blue Ribbit
  • Hissser 
  • Pitchy
  • Ooga Boogas
  • Scaletail
  • Magmanimous 
  • Haystacks 
  • Flour Sacks 
  • Toro the Bull
  • Hammerhead the Shark
  • Tentacles the Octopus
  • Leafcutters
  • Big Buzzz
  • The Beast
  • Porktroopers
  • Shadow Porktroopers
  • Snow Porktroopers
  • Sand Porktroopers
  • Flutters
  • Caws 
  • Frostbites 


  • Greenwood Forest
  • Drumstick's Farm
  • Snowflake Mountain
  • Seashell Shores
  • Ooga Booga Jungle 


  • If you go to the back of Timber's house, the remains of the vehicles from Diddy Kong Racing can be seen
  • A wanted poster of Star Wolf can be seen on Wizpig's ship
  • Dry Bones can be found in the cave of the abominable snowman; in addition, cave paintings of Yoshis and Spear Guys can also be found in many caves 
  • A portrait of Diddy Kong can be seen on Timber's nightstand 

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