==Tim The Tiger

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Tim the Tiger
Full Name Tim the Tiger
Current Age 19
Date of Birth March 15th
Gender Male
Location Chicago Town
His Wilderness Friends
Family and Relations
Bailey Bird
Main Weapon(s) Sword
Ability/ies Roar
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Tim the Tiger is a Explorer. He loves the citizens of Chicago Town.


He is a kind,responsible gentlemen. He is The Leader Of Chicago Town and he loves Chocolate. He lives in the forest. And he is a very special and unique man. He hates people and loves Animals. Espeacially, his Wilderness Friends. Tim the Tiger is not very active but gets up when needed. Tim the Tiger is sometimes Wild and sometimes calmed with care. He likes Chicago and likes owning it. People call him T or call him Timmy-Tiger. Hardly people call him Roar-bear but Baily Bird does.


  • Roaring
  • Scratching


1. Wilderness Friends

2. Bailey Bird

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