Tim's appearance in Wii Sports Resort U.
Full Name Tim Wuhu
Current Age Unknown
Gender Male
Species Mii
Location Wuhu Island
First Appearance Wii Sports Resort U
Latest Appearance Wii Sports Resort U
 Tim is the owner of the Wuhu Town Gift Shop in the game Wii Sports Resort U and he works with his brother Kazumi. He sells you DLC and Clothing pieces your Mii can wear. Tim is mostly kind and gives you tips on some sports. He has said that he is a fan of Frisbee and sometimes sneaks out of work to play a game of Frisbee. If you vist him 3-6 times in one day, He will give you a random piece of clothing and will say "Here, take this as a gift! It's a secret to everybody!", This is a reference to the Zelda series.