Tilly, as in A Fairy's Tale
Full Name Tilly
Current Age 18
Date of Birth April 5, 1994
Zodiac Sign Aries
Gender Female
Location Whimsical Woods
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Family and Relations
Maggie (mother)
Minnie (sister)
Main Weapon(s) Magic
Ability/ies Using Magic, Flying
First Appearance A Fairy's Tale

Tilly is the protagonist of A Fairy's Tale, an upcoming game by APIM Group, Inc. She sets out with her sister Minnie to save Mystica from Seth and to free the eight Great Fairies that originally ruled this world.



Tilly is a blonde fairy wearing a green bow, light yellow ballet shoes and a lilac mini dress. Her hair is stylized so that a part of her face is covered with a curl of hair. She appears to have light blue butterfly wings, with on each side two blue marks, resembling an exclamation mark. Tilly has dark blue eyes with long eyelashes. She also has pink lips.


Although clever, Tilly is usually nervous and shy. Tilly sometimes fears she is doing terribly wrong things, and doesn't take action directly.


Tilly is able to do magic spells, like most Fairies. As she is a pupil of her mother Maggie, she has to learn more magic spells. During her journey in A Fairy's Tale, she does learn new spells.

She also can fly. She has marvelous jumping skills and then can flutter further for a limited time.


  • Maggie - Maggie is Tilly's mother and teacher, as she is a Great Fairy. Tilly loves her mom, but doesn't want to make her mad, as she fears that happens when she is doing something wrong.
  • Minnie - Tilly's twin sister, who is totally unlike her. But even though, Minnie is her best friend.
  • Seth - Tilly has a huge dislike to the King of Devils, likely due to he kidnapped her mother.

Game Appearances

A Fairy's Tale

Tilly's debut is in A Fairy's Tale. In this game, Seth kidnapped the eight Great Fairies and claimed Mystica his country. He also stole their powers and gave them to his monsters. Tilly and Minnie saw Maggie being kidnapped, and Tilly rushed into action without any preparations. The girls took their time preparing themselves and then went on an adventure to save the Great Fairies.

Nintendo vs. Fantendo

Tilly was originally scheduled to appear in Nintendo vs. Fantendo.

Profiles and Statistics



  • Tilly got her name for being tiny, although it comes from the name Matilda, which means "Strong in battles".