Tiki Tower is the sixth boss in Skip and Sqak TV Game. He is a tower of 6 Tiki Heads who are worshiped by the natives on Tiki Island, and he has them wrapped around his finger..Well.. If he has fingers.


The Tiki Tower is the lord of Tiki Island, where all the natives worship it and do what he tells them to. Rexes later came to the island to warn him that "a group of invaders are coming to destroy him". The Tiki Tower believes in Rexes, not knowing that the "invaders" are actually the SSFF coming to save the day.

When the SSFF arrived, the Tiki Tower sends his natives to kill them. But the gang defeated the natives and survived their deadly traps. Losing his temper, the Tiki Tower uses each of his Tikis to kill his enemies. Each tiki has it's own attacks. The SSFF defeat all 6 Tikis, which the last head says in his last words "How is this possible?? None had defeated me until now..." and explodes.

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