Tiki Goombas are subspecies of Goombas that actually look like them but different, they are rare instead of being common and appears in jungle levels instead of places where Goombas are.


They are Goombas that wear a wooden tiki mask with green leafs on them and is made out of wood, it has a very dark blue strap on the mask. And they are a little bit taller than Goombas


They behave like Goombas except different, it takes 3 stomps to defeat (meaning their stronger/jungle equalvents of Goombas). There are 4 types. Green ones are common in jungle levels. While the blue one dosen't move but jumps. Yellow ones act like green ones except if Mario is far away from them (from about 5 tiles away), they will throw their spear at Mario. While the red one has the moves of the green one, the blue one, and the yellow one, and takes 5 stomps to defeat instead of 3.

Game Appearance

Super Mario Bros.: The Popstar Crossover

They make their debut in this game, they appear more often in jungle/swamp levels than normal ones, they appear from bushes, making it harder to see them. If Mario passes a bush they are hiding in, they would ambush Mario, thus giving him damage, some other types appear more commonly in jungles while the red one rarely appears in swamp levels. A orange Tiki Goomba appears as shopkeepers in several chapters that revolves around jungles/swamps.



  • Somehow, the masks look like the tiki helmets/masks from the T-rated game, Terraria (1.2).

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