Tike Tyrants 2 is the sequel to Tike Tyrants, and is the 7th game in the Barker and Quack series. It again follows the Baby Barker and Quack characters playing as the Tike Tyrants, but now their is new characters like Perry as Red Hood and Bobby as Big Bertha.

Tike Tyrants 2
Developer(s) Awesomecartoongames
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Ds, 3DS, Wii, Wii U
Release Date(s)
June 11th, 2016
Adventure, Super Adventure
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer, 3D Platformer
Series Barker and Quack series
Predecessor Tike Tyrants, Baby Barker and Baby Quack
Successor Barker and Quack: Quack in Time, Tike Tyrants 3: Young Powers


It shows Baby Barker and his friends playing as the Teen Titans, but still call themselves the Tike Tyrants. Soon, Baby Runtus and his freinds appear and say they want to have a deal with the kids again and turn the world into the Teen Titan world. The kids at first disagree, but Baby Runtus says that it will be harder and probably the most dangerous thing they could do. The kids then agree because they love adventure, well, most of them agree. I think Bobby just peed his pants. The adventure begins, and the world turns into the Teen Titans world. Some of the new kids think it is cool, but others are confused and runaway. Now, the Tike Tyrants must defeat the evil H.A.W.K agents again and save their friends. Meanwhile, Baby Runtus in his Slack costume says "It will be harder and probably the most challenging thing you will do..... and it might kill you..." and dissapears.


Duckwing- Baby Quack as Nightwing. Now taking the role as Duckwing, he throws birdarangs, can climb walls and hit enemies with his metal staffs. He also now uses his jetpack to fly.

Ducker- Ducky Jr. as Tim Drake. After Ducker became Duckwing, and the 2nd Ducker became Red Hoodie, Pym Blake has become Ducker! He can glide using his cape, throws Bat-Bombs, uses his staff and can press a button on his isongia to turn invisible.

Red Hoodie- Perry as Jason Todd. The Killer Duck uses guns, can glide with his hoodie, throw birdarangs and can also climb walls.

Super Pup- Baby Barker as Super Boy(New 52). He shoots lazers, can fly, smashes enemies and freezes them with Ice Breath.

Kid Puff- Baby Chef Puff as Kid Flash. He has super speed to attack, also can vibrate his molecues threw walls, creates speed lightning and uses speed kicks.

Impuff- Carrot as Impulse. He uses super speed like Kid Puff, but he is slower. He also can vibrate his molecues threw walls, but can't create speed lightning. He can create sonic speed blasts and also uses his over board.

Green Lighter- Baby Stomp as Kyle Rayner(New 52). He uses his green ring to attack, creating dinoes and boucey balls. He also can fly and shoots green lightning.

Lox- Baby Peep as Vox. Shoots dark spheres, shoots sonic blasts with his voice, can shhot energy blasts and can fly for a while.

LilocBee- Lisa as Bumblebee. Can shrink down, flies, shoot sting blasts and teleport.

Wonder Pup- Baby Cherry as Cassie Sandsmark. Flies, Uses her lasso and hits hard with super strength.

Staduck- Baby T-Duck as Static. Throws electrical discs, shoots electricity and surfs on electrical discs.

Beast Buff- Ricky Puff as Beast Boy. Changes into a dino or eagle to attack, or uses his taiil to slap.

Pig Devil- Piggi as Kid Devil. Breathes fire, Uses his demon staff and charges at enemies.

Bottom Feeder- Ollie as Lagoon Boy. Stretches himself out, and also shoots skin needles and puffs himself up.

Blue Bloodhound- Marcus as Blue Beetle. Shoots lazers, can fly and shoots sound blasts.

Cloudius- Manny as Shazam. Super Strength, Flying and electrical lazer eyes. He has got it all.

Superro- Roller Jr. as Jon Kent. Flight, Lazer eyes and hope blaster.

Laze Blaze- Flambis as Slo Bo. Acrobatics, Super strength and can heal when at low health.

Bat Duckette- Baby Quackla as Batgirl. Acrobatics, Bat Bombs and smoke bombs.

Weaponary- Kid Googoo as Arsenal. Arrows, Fire Arrows and Smoke bombs.

Big Bobby- Bobby as Big Bertha. Mega fists, Mega kicks and Mega jumps.

Puffborg- Marty as Cyborg. Lazer blasts, Sonic fist and rockets.

Aqua Cafe- Spinner as Aqua Lad. Aqua Blast, Aqua Swords and electrical blasts.


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  • All characters in this game are based off the DC universe characters.
  • This game may not be as good as you think.

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