Tike Tyrants is the 3rd game in the Barker and Quack series. It follows Baby Barker and his friends parodizing the Teen Titans and taking down Baby Barker and Baby Quack parodizing Teen Titan villains.

Tike Tyrants
Developer(s) Awesomecartoongames
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) DS, Wii, Wii U
Release Date(s)
May 10th, 2015
Age Rating(s)
Series Barker and Quack series
Predecessor Barker's Adventure, Baby Barker and Quack
Successor Barker's Adventure 2: 8 Worlds, Tike Tyrants 2, Barker and Quack: Quack in Time


The story starts with Baby Barker and his friends playing Teen Titans, but they call them selves the Tike Tyrants. Suddenly, Baby Runtus and the other Baby Barker and baby Quack villains appear dressed as the H.I.V.E recruits(Mammoth, Gizmo, ect.). They state that they will turn their world into the Teen Titans world if they sacrifice their lives on the journey of defeating them. They accept, but they don't here the last part. The world turns into a parody of the DC world, and the kid heroes and villains now have the powers and abilities of their favourite Teen Titans and H.I.V.E recruits. The heroes start their journey to defeat the H.A.W.K students, while the villains go to where their favourite H.A.W.K recuits would go.


The players can choose which character they would play as, and two people get to choose the same character, but the 2nd one will have a different colour scheme.

Ducker- Baby Quack as Robin. Throws birdarangs as his special, and can also use his jetpack in the flying levels and his motorcycle in the racing levels. Alternate Colour Scheme: Nightwing

Super Pup- Baby Barker as Super Boy. Lazer eyes as his special, and can also use his super flying powers in the flying levels and his Super Go-Kart in the racing levels. Alternate Colour Scheme: New 52

Kid Puff- Baby Chef Puff as Kid Flash. Super speed kicks as his special, and can also use his Puff jet in the flying levels and his super speed in the racing levels. Alternate Colour Scheme: Jessie Quick

Rouge- Kid Googoo as Speedy. Shoots arrows as his special, and uses his arrow jet in the flying levels and his Arrow Kart in the racing levels. Alternate Colour Scheme: Arsenal

Wonder Pup- Baby Cherry as Wonder Girl. Uses her lasso as her special, and uses her invisible jet for both the flying and racing levels. Alternate Colour Scheme: Darkstar

Bat Duckette- Baby Quackla as Bat Girl. Uses her bat-bombs as her special, and uses her tiny bat-mobile for the racing levels and her bat-jet for flying levels. Alternate Colour Scheme: Oracle

Green Lighter(Lyle Tamer)- Baby Stomp as Kyle Rayner. Uses his power ring to create dinoes, and uses his flying powers for the flying levels and uses his power ring to create the Green Motor for racing levels. Alternate Colour Scheme: Power Ring

Protector(Perp Nuncan)- Baby Peep as Mal Duncan. Uses his magic staff to shoot beams, and uses the magic staff to create both the Protector Cycle and the Proto-Jet. Alternate Colour Scheme: Herald

Aqua Cafe- Baby Spin as Garth. Uses his water control powers to create water swords, and uses his water jet for flying levels and his pet land shark for racing. Alternate Colour Scheme: Kaldurr' Amm


Gadget- Hoots as Gizmo. Boss of T Tower. Uses his giant robot.

Super Pup Prime- Howler as Super Boy Prime. Boss of Central City. Uses his super strength, flying and lazer eyes.

Killer Cream- Ice Cream monster as Killer Croc. Boss of the sewers. Throws cone claws and throws ice cream balls.

Anti Puff- Mini Monster as Anti Flash. Boss of Coast City. Uses travel portals and super speed.

Fire Junior- Baby Fire Flinger as Icicle Junior. Boss of Star City. Uses fire shards and blaze charges.

Death Fly- Stomp Fly as Killer Moth. Boss of Maly International Traveling Circus. Uses stink bombs and flies.

Elephant- Li'l Zooka as Mammoth. Boss of Gotham City. Smashes and Runs around the stage, smashing.

Slack- Baby Runtus as Slade. Boss of H.I.V.E head quarters. Uses his death sword and the previous boss's attacks.

Racing and Flying levels

These two kinds of levels are bonus levels, letting the players be able to get more items in normal levels. Racing levels is where he/she drives their veichle while racing the boss of that place. Flying levels are somewhat the same, however, the player(s) battle their opponent, too until one side is defeated.


Mini Computer- Gives the player hints.

Speed Juice- Makes the player faster.

Superman's Cape- Lets the player fly.

Cyborg's Arm- The player can heal other players, or him/herself.

Sea Horse- Lets the player charge into enemies with out getting hurt.

Beast Boy Hat- Lets the player invincible to normal enemies by turning into a enemy.


  • This game's character's costumes and some places belong to DC.
  • Some items belong to DC, too.
  • The name is a parody of Teen Titans.
  • This game is safe for children.

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