Tigzon (series)
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Developer(s) Sohnix new logo
Publisher(s) Sohnix new logo
Genre(s) 3D Platformer
Spinoff(s) N/A
First Game Tigzon

Not to be confused with a user of the same name.

Tigzon is a series of 3D action-adventure, platform video games developed and published by Sohnix. It is the company's main series, which chronicling the adventures of a 16-year old teenager named Tai Z. Takara who obtained an ancient Zon Crystal to transform into a powerful spirit named Tigzon.


Tigzon was originally going to be a pitch idea for a remastered version of the Sonic Adventure series called "Sonic Adventure 1+2 Remastered" but Sega, however, denied the project from Sohnix. The team started to recreate the project without success and started creating their own characters, inspired by the  Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog series. Aside from Sonic the Hedgehog, Tigzon also took inspirations from Japanese anime such as Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Hunter X Hunter, JoJo's Bizzare Adventure, Shaman King, a 2003 American animated series Teen Titans, and video game franchises such as Mega Man X, Klonoa, and Bayonetta. Tigzon was originally going to be a 2D Metroidvania-style platformer but was changed into a 3D action-adventure platform with open-world environments, taking inspirations from the Sonic Adventure series.


Tigzon is described as a "Sonic Meets Bayonetta" game, which mixes between a 3D fast-pacing platformer, action-adventure and role-playing games. When controlling Tigzon, he can speed dash and uses combo moves (similar to how fighting games uses combo moves like King of Fighters and Street Fighter) to defeat big enemies and bosses as well as going through obstacles such as corkscrews, loop-the-loops, hills, ramps and Ninja Gaiden's wall jump.

The player character has a health point meter, similar to Freedom Planet, another Sonic-inspired game, in which it can refill the meter by collecting the crystals, which symbolized as 虎 (which means Tiger in Chinese). The 虎 crystals can be found by hitting the enemies or finding them throughout levels. Being hit by enemies' and bosses' attacks reduces the character's health, and a life is deducted when no health remains. If all lives are lost, a game over screen appears; however, the player may freely restart from the save point. Extra lives can be found within levels, as can uses power-ups like the shields and invincibility. 


Main Games

Title, Original Release and Platform Synopsis
Tigzon Webcomics - logo design (2)----

World icon July 14, 2019
(Nintendo Switch / PlayStation 4 / Xbox One / Steam / The V2)

Taking place in Zahara, a fictional country inspired by Dubai, and Tokyo, the story revolves around Tai Z. Takara, a not-so-good teenager who just attended the ANTIC Academy of Technology. On his 16th birthday only to reveal that his gift from his uncle, Dr. Yoko Hyundai is an ancient Zon Crystal which allows him to transform into a powerful spirit, named Tigzon.

The world is in danger, as an overlord Majarr enters the real world, with the help of evil business tycoon Mr. Matin Maximum. With his new spirit companion, Tai must learn how to handle newfound mysterious power, and to face his challenges against demonic deeds.


Title, Original Release and Platform Synopsis



Crossover/Other appearances

  • Fantendo Smash Bros. Fatality - Tigzon made his first appearance as a unlockable character roster in Fantendo Smash Bros. Fatality. He can be unlocked by clearing 500 stocks via Donnybrook.
  • Disney vs. Fantendo - Tigzon made his appearance as a starter character in Disney vs. Fantendo. He is one of the Fantendo side characters.
  • Future Grinderz - Tigzon make his appearance as a unlockable playable character in a hoverboard-based racing/RPG game, Future Grinderz, also made by Sohnix. Unlike his own series, his personality and appearances is very different and doesn't transfrom back to his human form. His real name is Tai Z. Tigzon but he call his nickname as "Tigzon the TigerStar".


Tigzon characters

  • Tai Z. Takara : (Often called himself as Tigzon) The main protagonist of the game. Tai Z. Takara (Taha Zayed Takara) is a trouble-making teenage boy and an adopted son of his aunt, Lara Zahra, who just attended the ANTIC Academy of Technology. He obtained his first ancient Zon Crystal as his birthday gift to transform into a powerful spirit, known as Tigzon. He uses this newly found spirit to use for combat and performs speed and acrobatic move.
  • Tigzon : (known as Tigzon the TigerStar) is tiger-like Zon spirit and a transformation of Tai Z. Takara, who uses his abilities to perform speed and combat. He is a titular protagonist of the series who was trapped in a Zon crystal by Majarr.
  • Anna "Ani" Polar : is Tai’s childhood friend and a genius mechanic, who helps build most of the gadgets and other inventions. She is a shy and tomboyish teenage girl who often finds herself very kind to her friends. She also has a secret crush on Tai Z. Takara though she tends to hide herself from him.
  • Spinix : is Ani’s penguin-like robot pet who is considered as a comic relief. Sometimes being smart, he tends to be clumsy and silly with his situations, especially when encountering dangerous species.
  • Roki "Ro" Mocker : Roki is Tai's friend and one of his classmates. He is a very chill and calm person who love making music, related to hip-hop/rap music and creating videos like Tai, he can transform into a powerful spirit named Korimo.
  • Lara Zahra
  • Dr. Yoko Hatsuni
  • The Puffies
  • King Majarr
  • Mr. Matin Maximum

Tigzon 2 characters

  • TBA...

Other media

TV Series




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