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Tigzon - 2017 logo design
Developer(s) Sohnix new logo
Publisher(s) Sohnix new logo
Platform(s) PS4 Logo
Xbox One logo.svg
Release Date(s)
Flag of Japan July 18, 2018
25px-Flag of USA December 18, 2018
Flag of European Union December 19, 2018
25px-Flag of Australia January 8, 2019
Single Player
Age Rating(s)
Teen (T)60px-PEGI 12.svgCERO B
Genre(s) Platformer


Series Tigzon
Successor Tigzon 2
Media Included Media CD iconBlu-ray Disc
Media DL iconDownloadable content
Available Input DualShock 4
Mixbyte Controller
Xbox One/360 Controller
Max. amount of players 1

Not to be confused with a user of the same name.

Tigzon (Japanese: ティグゾン) is a 2D Metroidvania platform game, published and developed by Sohnix, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and the V2 released on June 14, 2018. It is the first installment in the Tigzon series, chronicling the adventures of a 16-year old teenager named Tai Z. Takara who obtained the Digi-Kai spirit to transform into a powerful Tigerox creature known as Tigzon.


Main article: Tigzon/Plot

The series takes place in a fictional metropolis known as Digital Island, which follows the adventure of a 16-year old student of the ANTIC Academy of Technology, named Tai Z. Takara. He was later affected by a unknown virus and obtained the Digi-Kai crystal to transform into a powerful Tigerox creature, known as Tigzon.

A mysterious girl, Nova Natzumi from another dimension called the Dimensional Marx have landed on Digital Island to seek help from the last owner of the last Digi-Kai crystal (who supposed to be Tai Z. Takara). Lord Majarr Zon, an alien overlord, had plotted his plan to steal the spirited Digi-Kai crystals and used them for his advanced deadly technology. He also transforms some of the citizens of Digital Island into mindless beasts known as the Electrozoids.



Tigzon is described as a "Sonic meets Metroidvania" game, which plays very similarly to the Sonic the Hedgehog series (particularly with the Sonic Advance series) The game mixes between a 2D fast-pacing platformer, action-adventure and role-playing games (much like those in the Metroidvania-genre games. When controlling Tigzon, he can speed dash and uses combo moves (similar to how fighting games uses combo moves like King of Fighters and Street Fighter) to defeat big enemies and bosses as well as going through obstacles such as corkscrews, loop-the-loops, hills, ramps and Ninja Gaiden's wall jump.

The player character has a health point meter, similar to Freedom Planet, another Sonic-inspired game, in which it can refills the meter by collecting the crystals, which symbolized as 虎 (which means Tiger in Chinese). The 虎 crystals can be found by hitting the enemies or finding them throughout levels. Being hit by enemies' and bosses' attacks reduces the character's health, and a life is deducted when no health remains. If all lives are lost, a game over screen appears; however, the player may freely restart from the save point. Extra lives can be found within levels, as can uses power-ups like the shields and invincibility.

Unlike most of the 2D Sonic games, The player can also access to hub worlds when finsihing the end of the main levels/phases, which allows the player to interact with non-player characters and buy items and power-ups from the shopkeepers.


PlayStation 4

Xbox One



The V2

Items and Power-ups


Tigzon was originally going to be a Sonic the Hedeghog game for Sega called "Sonic Zero", which features a beat em'-ups style gameplay and gameplay, similar to Capcom's Final Fight series and Sega's other series, Streets of Rage. Developer Sohnix abandoned the Sonic Zero project, due to the creative differences and the commerical and critical failure of Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. The team started to recreate the project without success and started creating their own characters, inspired by Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog series.

Besides Sonic the Hedgehog, Tigzon also took inspirations from Japanese anime such as Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Hunter X Hunter, Gurren Lagann, a 2009 Japanese anime film Summer Wars, and some video game franchise such as Shantae, Donkey Kong Country, and Solatorobo: Red the Hunter.


Main characters

Images/Sprites Name Descriptions
Tai Z.Tigzon character artwork - Finished
Tai Z.Takara (a.k.a Tai Z.Tigzon) The main protagonist of the game. A lazy but quite good-hearted teenager who obtained the "Digi-Kai" crystal to transform into Tigzon, a powerful Tigerox hybrid creature that has his own abilities to use for combat such as speed punching and speed dashing. He is an on-going student of the ANTIC Academy of Technology who is loves video games, shōnen anime, and action-genre movies.
Tigzon character artwork (colored) (2)
Tigzon (also known as Tigzon the Tigerox) is an ancient Digi-Kai spirit transformation of Tai Z.Takara, in which he is a Tigerox, a hybrid creature of a tiger and a fox. Using for combat, he has his own abilities go on speed and do some fighting combos. His moves are very similar to the Sonic the Hedgehog character.
Dr. Yoko Hyundai A scientist and Tai's uncle. He had experienced with the ancient Digi-Kai crystals for a quite long time and was aware of the Tigzon transformation and the Dimensional Marx world.
Ani Polar Tai's childhood friend and love interest. 
Spinx Edo's pet and a bird-hybrid robot. He is mainly a tutorial guide and often sells items and power-ups for Tai/Tigzon.
Edwin "Edo" Rodrix Tai's best friend and a genius mechanic who helps build most of the gadgets and other inventions for Tigzon. 
Nova Natzumi  A mysterious teenage girl from another dimension, The Dimensional Marx who she must find the last owner of the Digi-Kai crystal (who Tai obtained it) and defeat Lord Majarr Zon. She is known for her martial arts techniques and she wields a katana to attack enemies.Though she's kind and good-hearted, she can be very cocky sometimes. She is Tai's love interest.

Non-player characters

Images/Sprites Name Descriptions
Liv Massona Tai's adoptive mother
Dr.Yoko Hatsuni A goofy scientist and Edo's uncle
The Paffies A cute little ball-like creatures with ears that can be found in some areas.


Images/Sprites Name Descriptions
Lord Majarr Zon A virus overlord from another dimension, known as The Dimensional Marx, who plotted his plan to steal the spirited Digi-Kai crystals and used them for his advanced deadly technology. He also transforms some of the citizens of Digital Island into mindless beasts known as the Electrozoids
Dr. Matin Maximum The CEO of the ANTIC Corporation and the evil business tycoon. He was responsible for the Digital Island and had a grudge against nature and Puffie creatures. Like Lord Rex, he is planning to steal the Digi-Kai crystals.



Images Names Descriptions


Images Names Descriptions


Small enemies

Large enemies



Names Badges Descriptions




  • Tigzon was originally going to be a 3D action-adventure platform game, similar to the Sonic Adventure seires but was changed to 2D because he only knows to make some sprites and character artworks
  • The name and the character "Tigzon" came from his childhood comic called Dak, in which an orange fox named Terry was introduced.
  • There is a Sploder game counterpart simply called "Tigzon", which had 4 games. Click the link here.
  • The name Tai Z. Takara is inspired by a Digimon Adventure 01 character, Taichi "Tai" Kamiya. 
  • Tthe name Lord Majarr Zon comes from an Arabic word called "المجرة" (almajarr) which means "galaxy".
  • One character named Leaf "Luna" Mechani was scrapped due to people will make fun of the name Leaf, since a popular Youtuber named LeafyisHere existed.

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