Tiger Mommy is the first game in the Save! series. It was revealed on 2015 New Years and released July 4th, 2015.


While Tigra and her baby tigers go to get shelter, a panther steals all their food. When the tigers get back, Tigra is ambushed and attacked. She faints and is kidnapped so the panther leader can have a wife. The baby tigers immediantly track down the panthers, and start a journey.



Tyrone is the middle child, and the self proclaimed leader of the babies. To tell the difference between him and the other cubs, look at his eyes, which are blue. He also has a notable black bandana on his tail. He is the bravest out of the team, and also jumps the highest out of the group.


Tim is the youngest of the bunch, and Tyrone's sidekick. He is a big scaredy cat, and tends to hide behind Tyrone in boss fight introduction. His difference between him and the others is that he wears a green tuke and has green eyes. He is also smarter then the other two, but that really isn't saying much. He is also the fastest.


Troy is the oldest and dumbest of the cubs, and is also the strongest. He tends to be the one to cause the boss battles, by ether scaring the enemy or insulting them by accident. The difference between him and his brothers is that he has red eyes and has a tuff on his head. He is able to lift and throw boulders and other heavy material. He is the slowest.

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