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Full Name Tiffany
Current Age 17
Date of Birth August 31
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Gender Female
Species New Human
Location TBA.
Align Neutral
Current Status Alive
Class Protagonist
Main Weapon(s) Revolvise (Gun)
Height 5'9"
First Appearance Tessellate
Latest Appearance Empire
Family and Relations
Tess (Mother)
Tiffany is the main protagonist of Tessellate. She later returns in Dimensional Destruction.


After Tess thought her life was limited, she created a daughter genetically in a lab. After the lab was ambushed by cops due to them tracing Tess' movement, she had to abandon Tiffany during creation, leaving her to fend for herself against the cops that night and for the rest of her life. She grew up in an orphanage, which she was forced to abandon after radioactive creatures swarmed her home city. 

Since then, she has wore glasses to cover her strange orange eyes, a trait inherited by Tess.


Tiffany is very serious, and takes everything very seriously, which can make some others feel uncomfortable or awkward when speaking to her. However, when known well, Tiffany is a totally different person, often being overjoyed and happy. If possible, she keeps her personal life and professional life separate, and dislikes whenever they crossover.


Tiffany isn't the most able when it comes to weapons, but she took a shine to the Revolvise, a special gun which uses elemental bullets to attack. 



Tiffany appears as the main character in the game. After being attacked by glowing creatures, Tiffany eventually meets Kimiko, who helps her through the attacks. They find a person called Leire, who after kidnapping Kimiko is forced to bring Tiffany to Tess. Tiffany then meets her mother, and tries to kill her, before escaping a collapsing building with Kimiko back at her side.

Dimensional Destruction

Tiffany has yet to appear in the game as of now.





Tiffany and Tess do not get along. While Tess tries to reach out to her, Tiffany has no interest and believes that she is just trying to manipulate her in someway. Tiffany tried to kill Tess, but it failed. 



  • Tiffany's story has been redone and reworked several times since the initial concept.
    • Initially, Tiffany was just doing to be Tess' new design for 2016, however it was later changed for her to be a different person all together.
    • Then she was going to be a clone of Tess', which would lead to a whole different arc than the personalities Tess has. This idea was scrapped to avoid complications.
  • Tiffany was drawn by WereWaffle (tbc).


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