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Full Name Tiffany
Current Age 17
Date of Birth August 31
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Gender Female
Species New Human
Location TBA.
Align Neutral
Current Status Alive
Class Protagonist
Family and Relations
Tess (Mother)
Main Weapon(s) Revolvise (Gun)
Height 5'9"
First Appearance Tessellate
Latest Appearance Empire
Tiffany is the main protagonist of the Tessellate series. She later returns in Dimensional Destruction, and in the Tessellate sequel, Tessellate: Bad Luck.


Tiffany's life began pretty abnormally, as she was created in a machine by her mother using a genetic code. Tiffany was created at around the age of six, and her life began suspiciously when a group of police officers ambushed the building when learning Tess' whereabouts. Due to this, Tess was forced to flee and Tiffany had to fight through all the officers, which she was able to do through inheriting fighting abilities from her mother. 

Fast forward to around sixteen, where Tiffany is in an orphanage supposedly on the brink of closing due to several concerns surrounding the safety of the building. Suddenly, glowing radioactive-looking creatures begin to attack the city and her orphanage, causing her to flee for safety. Through many fights, twists and turns, she later learns about her birth mother, Tess, and finds her in an abandoned building. After a long conversation, Tiffany leaves the building with Kimiko and causes the building to reduce to rubble. 


Tiffany presents herself as a very serious and emotionless being, which makes it difficult for her to work with others and tolerate them unless in a time of crisis. She is also very blunt when talking to people in normal conversation, which again makes it awkward for others. However when somebody manages to break this act, Tiffany is a completed changed person, which makes her appear more happy and jolly. At all opportunities, she keeps her personal life and professional life separate to avoid complications, and finds extreme discomfort in when they overlap ever so slightly.


Due to gene inheritance, without any training, Tiffany is very skilled when it comes to fighting using martial arts. She has already mastered four martial arts with barely any experience, making her very prepared for fights. However, she is the opposite with weapons, and finds it extremely unnecessary and hard to use them, until she managed to master the Revolvise, a special gun which uses specially designed elemental-themed bullets to shoot.



Tiffany appears as the main character in the game. After being attacked by glowing creatures, Tiffany eventually meets Kimiko, who helps her through the attacks. They find a person called Leire, who after kidnapping Kimiko is forced to bring Tiffany to Tess. Tiffany then meets her mother, and tries to kill her, before escaping a collapsing building with Kimiko back at her side.

Tessellate: Bad Luck

Tiffany returns as the main character in Bad Luck. Nothing is known about the story as of yet, aside from Tiffany taking a journey of the soul to find herself, despite this more than likely leading to something a lot more specific and thrilling.

Dimensional Destruction

Tiffany has briefly appeared in a short scene involving her and a mysterious character called "North", who has apparently kidnapped her and securing her in an unidentified location.





Tiffany and Tess do not get along. While Tess tries to reach out to her, Tiffany has no interest and believes that she is just trying to manipulate her in someway. Tiffany tried to kill Tess, but it failed. 



  • Tiffany's story has been redone and reworked several times since the initial concept.
    • Initially, Tiffany was just doing to be Tess' new design for 2016, however it was later changed for her to be a different person all together.
    • Then she was going to be a clone of Tess', which would lead to a whole different arc than the personalities Tess has. This idea was scrapped to avoid complications.
  • Tiffany's design was initially supposed to be a redesign of Tess for her reboot, however due to the many changes it later became apparent that she could be a relative of Tess' instead.
  • Tiffany was drawn by WereWaffle (tbc).

Solarrion Project

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