Tie Waner
Tie Waner
Full Name Tie Waner
Current Age 11
Date of Birth September 4th
Gender Male
Species Gold Tailed Squirrel
Location Knothole
Class 1st Class Private
Freedom Fighters, Sonic Heroes
Family and Relations
Sonic The Hedgehog, Miles Tails Prowler, Sally acorn, Knuckles the Echidna
Main Weapon(s) Electric Shock
Ability/ies Lightning,Flight,Hacking
Vulnerable To Earth-Types
Voice Actor(s)
Lee Eric Etchizen
First Appearance Sega X
Latest Appearance Sonic Advanced 3D
 Tie Is a character in Sonic Advanced 3D and is also a character that appears in Sega X comic and Video Game Stories. He is the Last Gold Tailed Squirrel on mobius. He lives in Knothole (Comic) and hangs out with Sonic and Tails. To Tie, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles are his heroes. Most importantly, Tie wants to be just like Tails, which makes Tails quite proud. He can Electrocute his Enemies and can Fly with his lightning tail shooting him up in the air like a rocket. Tie is also pretty good with computers learning from Tails and Sally in Knothole.


Tie was born as the prince of the gold tailed squirrels of mobius. Before a punishment happened to his race for there evil ways. He then was found by Sonic while he was on a mission to robotropolis when tie was around 5. Sonic then took him back to Knothole were he was raised to be a freedom fighter. He spent most of his time with Tails, learning to be a good freedom fighter. When the Sonic Heroes were formed, he was 11, which allowed him to go on more advanced missions.

When tie was 9, the war with Dr. Robotnik went to an All-time High. Sonic and Co. Weren’t sure what to do about eggman. During a mission to the old Flying islands. Tie's past was discovered, and the freedom fighters were able to find old treasures of the dead Gold Tailed Squirrels. Upon this discovery, The Freedom Fighters took Tie a whole lot more seriously. At first, the king and queen of Acorn wanted to order tie not to work anymore, but during a battle, tie showed his real skills of combat and they discovered his lighting powers. Sonic, as leader of the freedom fighters, then put tie under the watch of Tails. During the next for months, Tie learned important skills.

When Tie Was 10, he was found out by other Squirrels and groups, then the attack on mobius by the aliens happened. Sonic then orderd that all the mobians who weren’t freedom fighters were to be brought to the under ground hiding spot. Tie was almost kidnapped by other Squirrels before being saved by old man Nicke'.

When Tie was 11, the sonic heroes branch of Freedom Fighters was formed. During this time, Tie and others spent a great deal of time away from knothole. Then Mammoth Mongle attacked and Tie Witnessed tails be beaten. Tie then used the seven chaos emeralds and transformed into Super Tie. He then not only saved tails, but single handedly beat mongle at his own game of Power. He then helped Super Sonic and Super Shadow close the void of Doom. Tie was then awarded for his heroism and that earned him a favorite spot among friends.

When Tie was 12, He saw his corrupt future self along with other Freedom Fighters. Sonic and Company then Fought against them and Tie ended up Destroying his Future self, After being found by the Squirrel Army ,He was taken to be in the Squirrel Army for two years. After the two years were over, he returned to his friends to work on Operation: It ends Now. After the Successful defeat of Dr.Robotnik. Sonic and Company enjoyed 10 years of peace.

When Tie was 22, he became King of Squirrelaria and Married Marie. He then saw Sonic become King of All Mobius and have Two Boys, Dash and Abrahm. He then had a Daughter Names Samantha. Marking the end of War.

Video Games 

Sonic Advanced 3D 

He fell out of the sky one day while Sonic and Friends were Eating to warn them of Dr. Eggman's return. The Heroes then Team up with Tie to stop Dr. Eggman.

He and Sonic then make it to the End of the road to the death egg 2 were Eggman is Waiting for them. Eggman then Beats them with the Egg-Hulk and He aims at the world with his death Ray. But Sonic and Tie, with the help of the Emeralds, Transform into Super Sonic and Wonder Tie. They then defeat Dr. Eggman. Sonic and friends accept tie into the team as a hero and tie proudly becomes one of them.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Lightning: Tie can shoot lightning out of his Gold Tail

Flight: Shooting Lightning out of his tail aimed at the ground will shoot tie up and he can fly using this technique

Computer Scientist: During his time in Knothole, Tails and Sally teamed up to teach tie about computers and computer skills such as hacking into Dr. Robotniks files.

Friends and Foes Edit

Sonic The Hedgehog

Miles "Tails" Prowler

Knuckles the Echidna

Princess Sally Acorn

The Freedom Fighters

The Sonic Heroes


Dr. Robotnik

Evil Tie

Anti Freedom Fighters


Mammoth Mongle


Tie's Name is a pun off of Time-Waner