Tiddlywinks 2: Invasion Of The Grouches is the sequel to Tiddlywinks: The Video Game and is the second game in The Tiddlywinks Series (Third, if you count Tiddlyware Inc.).  It has Grouches instead of Darkwinks taking over Tiddlyworld.


One day in Tiddalium, Tiddlywinks and his best friend, Munchy Marco, are washing the windows of Mayor Milfred's House when a ball of mud lands on one of them.  Tiddly washes it out and another mud ball lands on the same window.  Soon, it rains mud balls all over the house and then Tiddalium!  Then Oscar The Grouch, who was making it rain mud, says, "Hey, Winks!  I bet you can't stop me from making a muddy mess!"  "Oscar!  Why would you do that?" asks Tiddly.  Then, Oscar answers with an evil laugh, "Because I!  Don't!  Like!  Clean!  Cities!"  Then his Grouch friends take over the city!  Then they take over Sesame Street, Comic Land, and The Mushroom Kingdom!  Tiddlywinks has to clean all of Tiddlyworld!



  1. Tiddlywinks
  2. Munchy Marco
  3. Dr. Dash Itall
  4. Mr. Gabby


  1. Grouches
  2. Spring Grouches
  3. Armor Grouches
  4. Muddy Grouches
  5. Pipe Grouches
  6. Helicopter Grouches
  7. Magic Grouches
  8. Guitar Grouches
  9. Fire Grouches
  10. Snow Grouches


  1. Zappy Grouch
  2. Wario Grouch
  3. Wizard Grouch
  4. Grouchasaurus Rex
  5. Sir Grouchalot
  6. Telegrouch
  7. The Big Bad Wolf
  8. Oscar the Grouch


  1. Tiddalium
  2. The Mushroom Kingdom
  3. Hyrule
  4. Sesame Street
  5. The Land Of Ooo
  6. Comic Land
  7. Fairytale Land
  8. Oscar's Fortress


  • This is the second Tiddlywinks game with grouches, the first, being Tiddlywinks: The Video Game.
  • There are references to Angry Birds, Popeye The Sailor and Donkey Kong in Comic Land

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