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Tiddlywinks: The Video Game
Developer(s) Studio MF
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
May 2013
Story Mode, Party Mode, Story+ Mode, Time Rush
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Genre(s) Platformer
Media Included Wii U Disk
Tiddlywinks: The Video Game is a game for the Wii U and will be released on May 2013.  It is the first game in The Tiddlywinks Series.


One day in Tiddalium, Tiddlywinks and his friends are playing Tag until Darkwinks took over the city!  Darkwinks made disaster across Tiddalium spreading Robowinks robots everywhere!  Tiddlywinks tried to stop him, but, Darkwinks launched him and his friends to Banana Fields.  Tiddlywinks said, "We must not give up but go home!  We can help save the world!"  Then he and his friends rushed out to save Tiddlyworld!


  1. Banana Fields (Tutorial)
  2. Sesame Street
  3. Zagzag City
  4. Glumpville
  5. Rabbidville
  6. Comic Land
  7. The Land of Yes
  8. Pickle Island
  9. Tiddalium
  10. Star Fields (Bonus)



  1. Tiddlywinks
  2. Munchy Marco
  3. Ziggy McZigzig
  4. Dr. Dash Itall


  1. Checker
  2. Chesster
  3. Fritz Blitz
  4. Mr. Gabby
  5. Biff Baffboff
  6. Wibbly Pig


Each world has a number of buddies.  Banana Fields and Star Fields only have 1 Buddy each.


  1. Oscar the Grouch
  2. Zaggy McZagzag
  3. Grumpy Glumpy
  4. Mr. Rabbid
  5. Rageface
  6. Dr. No
  7. Picky Pickle
  8. Darkwinks


  1. Robowinks
  2. Grouches
  3. Glumplings
  4. Raving Rabbids
  5. Rageminions
  6. Chaingaroo
  7. Mini Pickles
  8. Wibbly Clones
  9. Crocodiles
  10. Fred The Ball



Story Mode

In Story Mode, you get to follow the story as you battle enemies, collect coins and fight bosses!

Party Mode

In this mode, you can play minigames and race for coins!

Coin Battle
  1. Mushroom Pack
  2. Flower Pack
  3. Star Pack
  1. Whack-A-Grouch
  2. Coincentration
  3. Tiddlyshuffle
  4. Dancin' Pants!
  5. Run Wibbly Run
  6. Trampoline Tramps
  7. Snowball FIGHT!!!
  8. Which Fritz?
  9. Sleep Walkies
  10. Road Rage


Story+ Mode

Similar to Story Mode, but, you play as Darkwinks and there are more enemies fight!

Time Rush

You can beat time records in all levels you beat!

  1. Mushroom Pack
  2. Flower Pack
  3. Star Pack


Coin Battle

  1. Gold Rush Pack
  2. SM3DL Pack
  3. Nervewrack Pack
  4. Mario Mania Pack
  5. Hidden Adventures Pack
  6. Platform Panic Pack

Time Rush

  1. Clock Bonzana Pack
  2. Tick Tock Pack
  3. Hurry Up Pack
  4. Grampa Clock Pack
  5. Clocked Up Pack
  6. Ding-Ning-Ning Pack


  • The SM3DL Pack includes 3 of SM3DL's Levels.
  • The Grampa Clock Pack's name is a reference to a grandfather clock.
  • This is the Rabbids' first appearance not in a Rabbids game.
  • Fred The Ball returns from SML2.
  • Darkwinks was Widdlytinks in the demo.

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