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Yeah, that's him.

Tiddlywinks (Short for TW or Tiddly) is a character in The Tiddlywinks Series.  It is undetermined if Tiddlywinks is a boy or a girl.


Tiddlywinks: The Video Game

Tiddlywinks gets his own game in Tiddlywinks: The Video Game!


Tiddlywinks hosts a company similar to Warioware Inc. in a microgame collection called, Tiddlyware Inc.

Munchy Marco's Munching Madness!

Tiddlywinks makes cameo appearances in Munchy Marco's Munching Madness!

Tiddlywinks 2: Invasion Of The Grouches

Tiddlywinks appears as the hero of the sequel to his first adventure!

Oscar's Trash Mountain

Tiddlywinks appears as a playable character in Oscar the Grouch's own video game, Oscar's Trash Mountain.

Fantendo Kart

Tiddlywinks appears as an unlockable character in Fantendo Kart Dimensions.

Mini Madness!

Tiddlywinks appears as a playable character in Fantendo Mini Madness.

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