This is the list of souvenirs and their categories in Tiddlyware Inc.  In the game, Mario, Luigi and Fronk take care of a Souvenir Machine.


  1. Music Records
  2. Instruments
  3. Games
  4. Toys
  5. Doodads
  6. Figurines
  7. Books
  8. Other

If it's hard to select a category, choose the All section!

Special Souvenirs

Music Records

Song name Unlocked with Description
Ode To Joy Scoring 30 in Mario's Mix This is-a Luigi's versiono of-a Beetoveen's classico!
Wibbly Pig Theme Completing Wibbly's Stage for the first time Check it out! The theme song for my TV Show.
Idea Dance Completing Dr. Dash's Stage for the first time Gadzooks! A bright idea, eh?
8bit Remix

Completing Fritz's stage for the first time

Here's a record you can create! Just scratch it. That's all!

I almost forgot!  You could hear the song in japanese!  Just flip the record over by pressing the X or Y button!


Game name Unlocked with Description
Luigi's Balloon Trip Scoring 30 in Luigi's Mix Mamamia! Do I have to...g-g-go on a f-flight?
Birds and Beans Playing all microgames Pyoro's back and ready for a snack!
Checker Sewer Completing Fritz's stage for the first time A classic with a twist! Bump the floor you're under if an enemy's under there and kick it out! Select 2-Player for double the fun!
Birds and Beans 2 Getting all flowers on all microgames Pyoro, don't you want to eat more?


Book name Unlocked with Description
Tiddlywinks' Microgaming Story Completing Tiddlywinks' first stage for the first time This is the story of how I started my company. I hope you like it!
The Tiddlyware Cook Book Vol. 1 Beat all stages for the first time If you can't decide what to eat, check out this cool cook book! It has recipes from the cast!


Name Unlocked with Description
Credits Clearing Tiddlywinks' second stage for the first time These are the people who helped us make the whole game! We're not mad, though...

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