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Tick Tock Termination is a Nintendo DS game staring T.T.. It was released on November 6, 2007. This is the first game to star T.T. and introduces a vast amount of new characters and places associated with him.



One day, the Timelapse family was building a new house on Timber's Island. Timothy Timelapse was recently born, so the old Timelapse residence was too small. T.T. begins to unpack some of their belongings, and comes across an old book that he has never seen before. It is titled The Tale of Tuck the Time Traveller, and has a picture of an odd brooch on the cover. T.T. begins to read it, and discovers that Tuck Lapse was his great great grandfather and was a master of time travelling. Before he died, he transferred all of his powers into a magical brooch and hid it somewhere on Timber's Island, so T.T. sets off to find it.

After searching through some odd ruins, Master Tejas appears and teleports T.T. to Ominasia, 1835. They appear in Ominasia Springs, where Master Tejas tells T.T. of the war that has been going on for a decade between the Ominasians and the Pitonians. Master Tejas tells you that you are the only one who can stop them, as you must steal Tuck's brooch from Wizpig, or else his futuristic weaponry will ensure victory for the Pitonians. Master Tejas teaches you some minor time travel powers and then sets you off to find the 1835 Wizpig.


The game takes place in two main locations: Timber's Island, 2007, and Ominasia, 1835-1840. Although a path is never taken to go between the two, Master Tejas teleports T.T. back and forth.

Sub Quests

There are a couple of side quests to do aside from the main adventure, with some startable from the beginning of the game, and others appearing only after the game is complete.

House Building

T.T.'s house is being built throughout the game by Tacky and Taj. The default house is an empty, one-room building with a red roof. However, various items can be collected throughout the game to change or improve your house.

  • Flowers - Find the flower patch in Meandering Mount. Puts red, blue, and yellow flowers in your left windowsill.
  • Treehouse - Once Ominasia Springs is completed, return to Meandering Mount and use Age on the brown moss to gain access to a secret cavern with the blueprints in it. Adds a small second floor to your house accessible by a rope on the first floor.
  • White Paint - Destroy the White Berry Bush found behind Master Tejas' tent to receive White Berries. Allows you to paint your roof, exterior, and interior walls white.
  • Small Fountain - Once the game is beaten once, return here to battle the Marble Ong. It drops the Small Fountain when defeated. Allows you to place a small fountain in front of your house.


Tick Tock Termination features a multiplayer mode similar to Diddy Kong Racing. Up to four players can compete online or with local wireless, but all players must have the game. The players get to chose to play as either T.T., Taj, Wizpig, or Tacky and race in karts through various levels, some of which must be purchased from Timber.

Multiplayer Levels

  • Meandering Mount
  • Ominasia Springs
  • Hot Top Volcano
  • Swan Swamp
  • Bubbler Bay - 50 coins
  • Retaliation Tower - 50 coins
  • Wishful Skies - Finish the game + 100 coins
  • Pitonian Palace - Finish the game + 100 coins
  • Shine Shrine - Play 50 multiplayer matches + 150 coins

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