Full Name Tiarer
Current Age 16
Gender Female
Species Toad
Current Status Alive
Family and Relations
Rievoah (sister)
Berinda (sister)
Mario (friend)
Bobbert (crush)
Troop Sr. (father)
First Appearance Super Mario

Tiarer is a Toad from the Super Mario television series.


Tiarer was introduced in the fourth episode of Super Mario, Loveshack, Baby! Three episodes later, in Rainbow, she started getting stalked by a Bob-Omb called Bobbert.


Tiarer is often mature, but moody. She usually gets her younger sisters Rievoah and Berinda to do what she wants. She usually gets suspicious when the two get up to mischeif.

Tiarer is often seen with an angry face on. Rievoah has stated that she has always been like that.

She appears to be liked by Mario.


  • Tiarer is the oldest of her sisters, as she is 16, Rievoah is 14 and Berinda is 13.
  • Tiarer's original name was "Pearls".