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Thwomp Mushroom NSMBVR

The appearance of the Thwomp Mushroom in New Super Mario Bros. VR.

The Thwomp Mushroom is a rare variant of the Mushroom which, when consumed, changes the consumer into their Thwomp Form. When the consumer is in their Thwomp form, they can float in the air and can crush their opponents by squashing them during the consumer's decent. The only way to die when you are in your Thwomp form is to fall into the abyss, which, Unlike most Power-Ups, kills the player instantly.


New Super Mario Bros. VR

File:Thwomp Mushroom II.png
Thwomp Mushrooms make their debut in this game, and as said above, Are a rare variant of mushroom which transforms the consumer into a Thwomp, giving the ability to float and crush enemies

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