Thurin (FE: BoU)
Full Name Thurin
Current Age Unknown
Date of Birth August 3rd
Gender Male
Species Semi-Dragon, a.k.a Dragonborn
Class Fighter (1st Tier)
Family and Relations
Wife (Chosen in-game), Balasar (Son)
Main Weapon(s) Axes, Swords
First Appearance Chapter 4: Is it a Dragon?

Thurin is a Semi-Dragon fighter from Coalyce, a far Dragon empire. The Undead Army invaded his land so he flew to Ephors, where he met Auav and joined him on his journey to beat the Army. He joins on Level 3.

Stat Blocks

Stat Numerical
HP 25
Strength 9
Magic 0
Speed 8
Movement 6
Skill 5
Defense 4


Charisma 7
Items Great Axe (20), Vulnerary (3)
Weapon Level
Swords E
Axes C
Max HP +5


Fight Voices

Aid Another

  • "Need a claw?"
  • "A'right, I'm here!"
  • "Rooar-yeah!"

Followup Attack

  • "Let's kill!"
  • "Now me!"
  • "My turn!"

Critical Hit\Skill Use

  • "Ever met a Dragon?"
  • "ROOOAR!"

Beat Enemy

  • "ROAR-YEAH!"
  • "Too easy..."
  • "Who's next?!"
  • "Come again!"

Other Voices


  • "Yee-haw!"


  • "I need more!"
  • "I'll take is all!"
  • "Yay, gold!"
  • "Don't take my stuff..."


  • "Ugh..."
  • "No, not reading!"
  • "Where's the joke-book department...?"


  • "Am I better now?!"
  • "Still a Dragon!"


Thurin's name comes from Thorin Oakenshield, the Dwarf leader in The Hobbit.

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