Thundurr the Lion
Full Name Thundurr
Current Age 11
Date of Birth May 4, 2002
Gender Male
Species Lion
Current Status Alive
Class Sidekick
Main Weapon(s) Electric Powers
Ability/ies Electric Powers,Telepathy
First Appearance Fyre 2: Return of the Fox
Latest Appearance Fyre 2:Return of the Fox


Thundurr is curious and loves to explore. The only reason Thundurr chose to help Fyre is so he can explore. He is also quite mischevious,as he loves to play practical jokes and pranks.

Relationships with other characters

Fyre-Thundurr likes Fyre, but he loves to play pranks on him, and he enjoys annoying him.


Roll-Thundurr thinks of Roll as a rival, and he wishes that he had some of his powers.

Project 384-Thundurr also likes playing pranks on Project 384. Project 384 thinks he is very immature.

Game Appearances

Fyre 2: Return of the Fox -Thundurr debuts in this game as a playable character.