Concept Art
Full Name Thunderfoot
Gender Male
Species Yoshi
Location Yoshi's Island
Chief Yoshi, Yoshi, Blue Wings
First Appearance Mario & Luigi: Clash of Chaos

Thunderfoot is a character who appears in Mario & Luigi: Clash of Chaos. He is a prominant inhabitant of Yoshi's Island and the right hand of Chief Yoshi. Not counting Yoob, he is the biggest Yoshi seen in the Mario series, being over twice the size of Mario.

Mario & Luigi: Clash of ChaosEdit

Thunderfoot doesn't do much when Mario and Luigi first visit Yoshi's Island. He mainly acts as the right hand of Chief Yoshi. Mario and Luigi have to do a quest for Chief Yoshi to prove that they are worthy of exploring the island. If Mario and Luigi try to go pass Chief Yoshi they will be stopped by Thunderfoot.

Thunderfoot however later appears again inside of the mountain of Yoshi's Island. Along with some other Yoshi's he helps the brothers by holding back the hypnotized Yoshi's of Kamek, in order for Mario and Luigi to battle Kamek. After Kamek's defeat Thunderfoot crushes Kamek under his foot. As the brothers leave Yoshi's Island they receive the Thunderfoot Summon.


When Thunderfoot is summoned, Mario and Luigi both jump on his back. Thunderfoot then will stomp on the ground and releases a thunder shockwave towards all the enemies on the field and lightning erupts from the ground when it reaches the enemies. When the jump button is hit when Thunderfoot stomps on the ground the effect will be greater (just like if you perform a jump attack). Not much effort it taken for this summon.