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I am the best Yoshi in Basketball!
Thunder, Fantendo Golf Blast & Hit

Thunder the Yoshi
Full Name Tok Yoshi
Current Age unkown
Gender male
Location fantendo
Current Status okay
Main Weapon(s) thunder eggs lightning
Ability/ies thunder eggs
Vulnerable To thwomps
First Appearance yoshi blast
Latest Appearance yoshi blasts 3 ds

Thunder the yoshi is a friend of Yoshi . He can create lightning. He is affiliated with jh2123 inc. He hates Pete the blaziken than anyone else. Thunder's first appearence was in his first game was Yoshi Blast  . The game still in motion is the remake ,Yoshi Blasts 3DS . He is a yellow yoshi with green shoes and an orange saddle. His weakness are thwomps. He fears them alot. He loses all electricity but his speed goes up high! His story starts at Yoshi Island,when he went to a free trip. It was to Dock Town . When he went there ,He saw that the evil spirit called Crooze was back and has taken over a citizen. He then went to protect a shrine.when Crooze came,He took the shrine and hid it. He ran from it. Crooze sent an army to retrieve it. Thunder saw the incapacitation of his friends and went to fight Crooze. After defeating Crooze, He then went and foiled Crooze plans. One time he took back the shrine,which contained Crooze wife. Crooze wife Crow bar attacked them both. Crooze and thunder fought against her. Crooze let Thunder rest. Until then his doing is unknown for Crooze. A ceromomy celebrated exclusivley for Thunder . Thunder then was famed for his bravery.


He first appeared in Yoshi blast as a yoshi partnered with our second hero luigi.

thunder in his next appearence


thunder in his first appearence

He appears in Fantendo Golf B&T later.

He went into his remake Yoshi blasts 3D.

He latestly appears in Fantendo Rush

He also appears in Fantendo All star racing.

He makes a non playable appearence in Paper Fantendo as a npc.

He then again appears as a npc in a project with no details yet...


Funshi :They are brothers , so they have a bit of rivalry .Most of the time it is to race the fastest and ends up fighting the final bosses together. So they have good chemistry.

Jh buzzy beetle :One of thunders best friends. He can ride on Jh if he is to tired. He is most of the time unlockable on some hard way on the 3 levels around. (besides Fantendo Kart:duo dash!.)Which is an a little easier to unlock.

Luigi :Thunder loves Luigi as a friend. He even thinks that he is his best yoshi. He provokes boos to stop scaring him . Becuase he saved king boo and are buddies like his fellow koopas.

Yoshi :He is jealous of yoshi becuase of luigi thanking yoshi. But he still supports becuase he is his kind.

koopas :He created them so they listen to him . He gave them to bowser. So ,Bowser doesnt harm are treat him badly.

King boo and bowser:He did greatful things for them so they treat him nicely and doesnt harm are make fun of him. But he is angry cause he picks on his kind

2-D Artwork

3-D Artwork


  • He is the third oldest jh2123 inc character revolving in 1990
  • He knows clyde alot and joins him.
  • He mysteriously can shape shift by eating enemies; Other Yoshis will lay eggs.
  • He loves hamburgers
  • He is one of the special yoshis
  • He appears in fantendo vs fantendo II
  • His real name is Tok
  • This is now Pillow 8 character
  • Thunder is a starter in Fantendo Sports Wii

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