Story Line

Anthony "Tony" Wong is said to be the last thunder element master but he doesn't know it. He has been spending all of his life living among the East water tribe and thiks he's a water master. until at age 15 over hears his care taker Master Wong talking to the old Gate Keeper about Anthony's secret past he goes off to find who he realy is. After he hears a proficy of two thunder masters who are still alive he gathers young masters from all the elmates to go with him on the jouney of a life time. He learns a secret that will change his entire life, and a choice that could determine the fate of man kind.


  • Tony Wong- One of the two last Thunder masters and the Hero of the story if you want him to be
  • Master Wong- Tony caretacker
  • Xavier- Tony's dog that leads him to the cave of the profits
  • Lila- Water master who goes with him on his journey
  • Rodey- Lila brother who goes on the journey and teaches Tony how to fight
  • Kyler- Fire master who goes with him on his journey
  • Herald- Rock master and genius of the group
  • Mia- Air master and enviormentalist who goes on the jouney
  • King Heohatus- King of the Fire people

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