Thunder Phoenix
The appearance of Thunder Phoenix
Full Name Infecterior Element Trio Member
Thunder Phoenix
Current Age Ageless
Gender Female
Location None (If the 2nd Battle Dimension don't count)
Current Status Probably destroyed
Class Infecterior Element Trio
Infecteriors Army
Family and Relations
Pyro Mantis (Element-Mate), Frostbite Turtle (Element-Mate, leader)
Main Weapon(s) None
Ability/ies Electric absorb, Electric charge, electric discharge
Vulnerable To None
Infect-Clone Light
First Appearance Fantendo:Infected
Latest Appearance Fantendo:Infected

Thunder Phoenix is the 4th Boss of Fantendo:Infected. She is the only feminine Infecterior Element Member. She is very egoistic, but also careful. She is created with Infect-Liquid like the other, but this one take 350 Volts to be created. She seems to hates everyone.


  • A phoenix is actually a fire creature, though Thunder Phoenix isn't. She is a lightning creature.
    • However, a lightning bolt can cause fire at some occasions.