Thunder Nook
Alright, guys... Time to become real heroes...
Thunder Nook, YoshiEgg StarForce

Thunder Nook is YoshiEgg Nook and Tulip Nook's son who first appeared in YoshiEgg StarForce. He was born almost at the exact moment YoshiEgg Nook died. Like YE, he is a valiant hero. Unlike YE, he is not mute and can talk just fine.


The galaxy was in a galactic war. Years after Laser Tagged and the majority of the galaxy was saved, YoshiEgg Nook, Bloop, and others were forced to fight an unknown evil force that is making many galaxies turn against each other in order to fight the force. By now, YE and Bloop were older, maybe in their 20's, and Tulip Nook was pregnant with her and YE's baby. One fateful day, YoshiEgg & Bloop were fighting together against a mysterious ship that was speculated to be the evil force's. Tulip Nook was going into labor right when YE & Bloop were about to infiltrate the ship. Unfortunately, the evil force's ship sent a huge missile into YE's and Bloop's ships and blew up YE's ship. YoshiEgg Nook, one of the galaxie's greatest heroes, was dead. Bloop was blown off into the distance and his whereabouts are unknown to this day. The ship Tulip was on was being shot by the same evil ship until the pilots of Tulip's ship evacuated the space battlegrounds as she was giving birth to her baby. As the ship was going into light speed and Tulip's baby was born, she whispered something as she wept... "Your name... Is Thunder..."





Games Appeared In


Survivor Fan

In Survivor Fan, Thunder, along with Esarbee, often unitnentionally break the fourth wall.