Thunder Flower
A Thunder Flower's current appearance.
Item Type Status
Kind of Item Flower
First Appearance New Super Mario Bros. Omega
Latest Appearance Super Mario Classic: The Return
Changes Mario's clothes, and allows him to shoot Thunderballs
Related Items
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Ice Flower
Cloud Flower
Vanish Flower

The Thunder Flower (also known as the Lightning Flower) is an item similar to the Fire Flowers and Ice Flowers and turns Mario into Thunder Mario.


If Mario has the Thunder effect, he can shoot thunder volts and thunder balls at nearby foes. In New Super Mario Bros. Omega, enemies would be stunned instead, although weak foes could be killed after one touch when stunned. Even bosses could be stunned, as long as they're not big. It can destroy Spike Balls, Bullet Bills, Chain Chomps, Bob-ombs, and pretty much anything that is metallic. It can destroy anything that is electrical, like Amps and Bowser Amps, overloading the enemie's system with lots of electricity (but in this case, is necessary throw more than one thunder ball).

The thunder balls also bounce longer than fireballs. First, they bounce high, but bounces lower and lower after every bounce, until the bounce is so low that it actually "moves on it's own". Then it turns into a small shock and disappears. But in Karting games like Mario Kart Wii the thunder flower will shrink opponents.


The Thunder Flower made its first real game appearance in New Super Mario Bros. Omega. In Super Mario Adventures II and Super Mario Bros Power-up Chaos, it showed as an item that only Mario and Luigi could use to transform them into their Thunder formes. One of these Flowers would appear if one of the Bros. touched a Lightning Cloud. If Wario or Waluigi touched one of those clouds, the cloud would simply disappear. The Thunder Flower also makes an apperence in Super Mario Classic: The Return.

In Super Mario Galaxy: Ultimate Quest, the item is very important to defeat Amps, Hammer-Robots (new enemies) and 2 bosses of the game: Mecha-Bowser Jr. and King Amp!

In Super Mario Bros. V The Thunder Flower is an item that allows the Playable Character to shoot thunder balls. It's a common item. Potions can also boost the powers of Thunder Mario, Luigi, Yellow Toad, Bowser, & Princess Peach.


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