Thunder Dino Piranha

Thunder Dino Piranha

Thunder Dino Piranha is the electric version of Dino Piranha. He is set to appear in Super Mario Galaxy 3

Super Mario Galaxy 3

Thunder Dino Piranha appears as the first boss in Super Mario Galaxy 3 and is the boss of the mission A Shocking Start in Greenfield Galaxy.  He inhabits a geo planet similar to Peewee Piranha's planet in Super Mario Galaxy 2.  Thunder Dino Piranha attacks similarly to most Dino Piranha counterparts, however can electrify itself to create a barrier, as well as spit out multiple electric bolts and balls.  Thunder Dino Piranha appears as a boss in the mission The Electric Invasion in Thunder Splash Galaxy, where he attacks similar to his first encounter, however gains a new attack of creating electric waves by spinning its tail, and many electric puddles are present along with Topmen as well.  Thunder Dino Piranha can be defeated by spin attacking its tail, extending it and making it hit the boss when contracting back.

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