Thugs the Tarantula
Thugs the Tarantula
Thugs, the tarantula commander
Full Name Thugs the Tarantula
Gender Male
Species Tarantula
Location Tarantula Land
Current Status Active
Class Antagonist
Family and Relations
Tak and his friends (enemies)

Zoster (former boss)

Main Weapon(s) Boomerangs
Ability/ies Throwing boomerangs, leading tarantulas, biting.
First Appearance Tak-Zac The Insect Prophecy (2002)
Thugs the Tarantula is a major antaginist of the Tak-Zac series. He is the hulking commander of the Tarantula Tribe who first appeared as the secondary antagonist of The Insect Prophecy, where he works as Zoster's army commander.

He continues to appear in other games.

The Insect Prophecy

Thugs first appeared in the game's intro where he sends his tarantulas to attack the ant village, capturing all the Gold Locusts. When Tak explores the Bug Land rescuing the Gold Locusts with his buddy Zac, Thugs is furious with this and later fights the duo deep in the Tarantula Caves. Tak luckily defeats Thugs who is knocked down to the ground unconcious.

TV Series

Thugs soon appeared as a main villain in the TV Series, where he tries several ways to destroy the ant village and kill Tak and Zac.