Thug in iPenguin 3DS
Full Name Thug
Current Age Unknown
Species Ghetto Penguin
Location Pengville
Class Villain
Agent P.
Main Weapon(s) Strength
First Appearance iPenguin (Game) (2011)
Latest Appearance iPenguin RPG (2012)

Thug is a major antagonist in the iPenguin series making his first appearance in iPenguin. He appears to be Agent P.'s top minion.


His history isn't really explored upon, although it is known that he was abused as a child and grew up in a horrible environment. He eventually met Agent P. and is now his right hand man.


Thug is a typical muscleman, he is very strong and reliable, but also very stupid and clumsy. He usually isn't able to completely follow orders, and often ends up messing Agent P.'s plans up.

Despite those flaws, Thug is very loyal, and tries his hardest to do what Agent P. says.



iPenguin 3DS

iPenguin Adventure

iPenguin RPG


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