Director Rich Moore
Producer(s) John Lasseter
Studio(s) Lone Planet Productions
Lucasfilm Ltd.
Writer(s) Karey Kirkpatrick
Based on Thrillville video game series
Distributor(s) Walt Disney Pictures
Genre(s) Comedy
Music Rupert Gregson-Williams
Ryan Reynolds
Odeya Rush
Collin Dean
Brian Greene
Rob Paulsen
Age Rating(s)
Runtime 1hr32m

Thrillville is a 2017 CGI-animated comedy film distributed by Walt Disney Pictures and produced by Lone Planet, Pixar, and Lucasfilm.

The film will be co-directed by Rich Moore and John Lasseter.



Elias E. Mortimer, the creator of the Thrillville theme parks, is getting all worn out from the past 50 years of designing exciting roller coasters and carnival rides. The parks themselves are losing guests to a rival theme park, Glob-O-Joy -- which seems to copy their every move.

Meanwhile, his nephew Harry Stevenson has graduated from college, and needs a job to kick off his career. Mortimer steps in and requests his help, because his coaster designs are just what Thrillville needs. But instead of having Harry sit in an office filing paperwork, he puts him in right in the middle of the action so he can interact with guests and oversee every new project.

On the job, Harry meets Emma Smith, a girl who rarely ever has fun, and her younger brother John, a video game enthusiast. They become his closest friends as they begin to share experiences together. But when Glob-O-Joy's CEO, G. Gilbert Garrison, threatens to put Thrillville out of business for good, they must put their designing skills to the test to save the theme parks they love most.


  • Ryan Reynolds as Harry Stevenson
  • Odeya Rush as Emma Smith
  • Collin Dean as John Smith
  • Brian Greene as Elias E. Mortimer
  • Rob Paulsen as G. Gilbert Garrison