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Three Little Waddle Dees is a story based off the Three Little Pigs. We will tell it.

The Story

Once upon a time, there were 3 innocent waddle dees. Suddenly, a Kirby possessed by Dark Matter came in and decided to eat them. "3 ought to fill a hole in my ominous mind!" The waddle dees got homes. Two were poor, but one was so-so in money. The poorest one of all was first target! He had a straw home. The Kirby said, "Open up or I will vaccuum your house in!" The waddle dee said, "I spent 99.9% of my money for this record-player, but nobody's home!" "How 'bout if I do THIS!?!?!?" The Kirby inhaled the Waddle Dee's (We will call him Waddle Dee 1) home. Waddle Dee 1 ran into Waddle Dee 2's stick home. The Kirby said, "Hey! I'm hungry... Use me as a pool!" WD2: "I'm sorry, but we don't HAVE a hose!" Kirby: "I was saying that so I could vore on you!" The Kirby inhaled the stick house. WD1 and WD2 ran to WD3's Half-Wealthy Brick Home. So did the Kirby. "Knock Knock! Make me into a pool!" WD3: "I know that trick! I know it in cartoons!" Kirby: "I didn't want to do this!" The Kirby inhaled while the waddle dees were lovesick towards the Kirby's fail. "Drats! The Chimney sounds good..." Dark Matter was unintelligent, but has an IQ of 100. The Kirby fell in the chimney, just to inhale the fire in the fireplace to get Fire Kirby. Fire Kirby's stomach ignited the Dark Matter, so he was un-possesed. The Fire Kirby disposed of his ability, filled himself with water, and said "OK! Who wants a pool?" The waddle dees said, "I do!' Kirby said, "Who wants me as your pool?" WD1 said, "Your insides might be interesting. I will have to investigate." WD2 said, "It is a great honor to survive your insides". WD3 said, "If I spend time here, I will get MONEYZ!" The Waddle Dees got what they needed. The Kirby inhaled the Waddle Dees. The Waddle Dees lived happily ever after. FIN.


  • When Dark Matter tried to trick two of the waddle dees into being eaten and when the waddle dees used Kirby's Stomach as a pool is a reference to Waterballoon Belly by Kphoria.
  • The part when WD1 gives out his excuse is a reference to Despicable Me.

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