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Full Name Thrakanael
Current Age Unknown, presumed to be timeless
Gender Nonbinary, they/them pronouns
Species Primordial Deity
Align True Neutral
Current Status Alive
Sexuality Asexual
"The Ashen Attendant"
"The Herald of Ghroth"
First Appearance The Harbinger Cometh

Thrakanael is responsible for gathering up the souls of those who had recently perished into their urn, where they are later brought to be judged by <???>. While they rarely show themselves to the living, this changes whenever it is time for Ghroth the Harbinger to consume a planet; for this reason, Thrakanael is often thought of as the Herald of Ghroth.

At some point, Savant, who becomes aware of what Thrakanael does (thanks to Karakal), attempts to fight the being, demanding that the slain people of Kynarth be taken from their urn and brought back to life.

Physical Description



As Thrakanael virtually never attempts to engage in combat, the true scope of their prowess is unknown. The only thing that is certain is that they are capable of flight, and of traveling through the vacuum of space; they are also immortal.



Friends and Foes






Thrakanael rarely concerns themselves with the plights of mortals, instead choosing to remain focused upon their task of collecting the souls of the recently departed. While they seem to feel a certain pity towards those who have died at the tentacles of Ghroth, they make no attempt to give special treatment to any of the souls in their urn, and will treat all of them equally.

Thrakanael tends to come off as perpetually calm and passive; this is shown when they aren't the least bit shocked by Savant's attempt to combat them, and his demand that the slain people of Kynarth be brought back to life.

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