Thornus the floro sapien
Full Name Thornus the Floro Sapien
Current Age 222
Date of Birth 7/21
Gender Male
Current Status Living
Class Floro Sapien
Floro Sapiens. King Croacus
Family and Relations
Main Weapon(s) Head and thorn spikes
Ability/ies Can throw head and shoot sharp spikes
Vulnerable To Fire
First Appearance Super Mario Bros Extreme: Total Takeover
Latest Appearance Super Mario Bros Extreme: Total Takeover
Outta My Way Mario!
Thornus to Mario

Thornus is a Floro Sapien General who works for King Croacus. He was first shown in Super Mario Bros Extreme: Total Takeover as one of The Mini-bosses along with his sister Lavender. Though he is significally older than his sibling, Floro Sapiens Generally live very long. He is strong, smart and Intelligent like his sister. though the two do not care for beautiful things as much as their king who they broke away from with others to infect the forests. You fight him in world/Chapter 5.

HP- 50

Attack- 6

defense- 3

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