Thorn: No Man's Land features two stories, both of which have been placed here due to length.

Thorn's Story

Prologue: Old Faces

Thorn's story begins with her drifting through space in a strange spaceship aimlessly, polishing her knives. Looking at the golden emblem on the hilt of a particularly ornate dagger, she cringes briefly, before returning to her work. As she does, a massive hexagonal pillar warps into the area, alarming Thorn.

Thorn: Please don't notice me, just drift away...

A transmission is sent to Thorn's vessel.

Azalea: Hello, Thorn. How has it been?
Thorn: Get out of here before I stab anyone and everyone aboard your ship.

Quickly, the massive pillar absorbs Thorn's vessel into its seemingly gelatinous core, as it begins to warp. Thorn leaps from her ship and attempts to fight back, but the ship's drones subdue her and carry her away. Thorn's last sight beforing blacking out is a glimpse of Azalea, ordering the drones off to some sector.

Chapter 1: Rescue Mission

Waking up aboard Azalea's ship, Thorn attempts to get up and fight but realizes she's trapped by the drones, who have her held on the ship's bridge. Azalea realizes Thorn is awake and greets her again, Thorn struggling to reach her knife.

Azalea: It really is a surprise to see you, Thorn. It's a good thing you activated that beacon, or else-

Thorn pauses and turns to look at Azalea.

Thorn: Beacon? You idiots gave me a beacon? No, screw this! Let me go!
Azalea: You don't remember? All of Rose's gifts act as rescue signals, it was a part of the plan. That knife or whatever let me come pick you up.
Thorn: Let me out of here or I'll tear you apart, Azalea.
Azalea: That's no way to treat your friends, Thorn.

Thorn attempts to reach out to punch Azalea, but the drones hold back her arms while Azalea returns to piloting the ship. Struggling more, Thorn manages to swing one of the drones into a wall, freeing her hand to take out the second drone. Rushing away, Azalea briefly pities Thorn before sending drones after her. Thorn reaches her ship and begins flying out of the massive pillar, realizing it has reached her home - Meadow.

Rose's Story

Prologue: Queen Bee

Rose's story begins with her overlooking the city of Eden from her tower with watchful eyes, deep in thought. As she turns around, Iris reports in, startling Rose.

Iris: Sorry to alarm you, Rose, but there's good news.
Rose: So there is. Has Lily completed her assignment?
Iris: Indeed. Chrysanthemum is en route to her planet as well.
Rose: Excellent.

Walking back indoors with Iris, the tower begins to shake and shift, tilting heavily as it does. Rose quickly begins dashing through the pillar, reaching a room in the center where Azalea sits. Claiming to have found activity in an empty area of space, Azalea preps the tower for launch into space. Rose attempts to convince her to stop, but fails, jumping from the ship as it begins to launch and vowing to get back at Azalea eventually.

Chapter 1: Bring Us Her Head

Rose lands in the central area of Eden, dazed and furious by Azalea's departure. As she gets up, the sound of hundreds of voices fills her head, upsetting her even more. She follows the noise to the base of where her tower was, where a mob has gathered to protest, Rose fights her way through the crowd and reaches high ground.

Rose: Silence! All of you worthless fools will disperse or be dealt with by your leader!

The mob loudens. One by one, the voices unite under one cry - "Bring us her head!"

Rose: you wish to see Azalea brought to justice? So it shall be, as soon as she-

The mob once again descends into chaos. Rose looks up and sees her tower returning, quickly lowering itself to the ground.

Escaping as the tower locks back into its port, Rose quickly begins looking for Azalea. As she searches, she spots a small ship flying through the air and immediately recognizes its pilot as an old friend - Thorn. Rose scowls as she walks into the tower, ready to get answers and kill Azalea.

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