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You need not worry. The great being that watches us will know what it is.
Thoreau, Super Paper Mario

Thoreau as he appears in Super Paper Mario
Full Name Thoreau
Species Pixl
Ability/ies grabbing and throwing

Thoreau is a Pixl from Super Paper Mario and is the 2nd Pixl that Mario encounters in his adventure. He resembles a hand which ties to his ability of grabbing and throwing enemies and objects; his main body is the palm, while the circles are the fingers. This ability is similar to that in Super Mario Bros. 2 although Thoreau can grab things at a distance.

Game Appearances

Super Smash Bros. Battle

Thoreau appears in SSBBattle like all the other Pixls, as part of Paper Mario's moveset. Unlike the others, however, Thoreau does not appear in the Pixl Throw attack: rather, he is Paper Mario's grab. He also appears in the Pixls trophy. Finally, one of the Gear for Paper Mario is the "Thoreau Gloves" which increase Paper Mario and Dimentio's grabs.

Language Name Meaning
Toru (取る) means "take" or "bring", and nageru (投げる) means "throw".
SpanishLanciFrom the verb lanzar, meaning "to throw".
FrenchLanceloinLiterally, "Throw Far"
GermanWurfowitzWurf means "throw", witz is a suffix. It also stands for "joke".
ItalianManoloA pun on the word, "mano" which means hand, and the given name Manolo.
From Korean word japda (잡다), meaning "grab", and deonjida (던지다), meaning "throw".