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Sometimes I just wonder who I am to be precise, you know? I came out of nowhere and I got no idea why I'm here helping this monkey...heh heh...I'm more powerful than he is when I'm not troubled by a split mind. Are you afraid? No! Because apparently I'm too dumb to be minded...
Thomas the Teddy Bear

Thomas the Teddy Bear
Current Age 9
Gender Male
Species Teddy Bear
Location Western Forest
Current Status Alive
Element(s) Possession
Vulnerable To Unknown
First Appearance BowieQuest α

Thomas the Teddy Bear is an antagonizing character in BowieQuest, being one of the most important characters despite being massively ignored by the series' characters barring Endal. Despite looking stupid and failing to follow his master's orders, he is extremely powerful and a mine of power resides inside him, forming his main power.


Thomas was born as a normal teddy bear from the likes of Sabeuxo, formed by his mental causes. Sabeuxo educated him, raised him, but lost him rather quickly when the small bear was just five years old. He was kidnapped by Endal, who then raised him instead as his own assistant. Thomas was locked up in his various fortresses, being fed for every time he attempts helping.

Throughout the games, he seems to try and help his master, although he fails from being exposed almost all the time and from tripping or being extremely awful in battle. The fact that his master whips him and treats him rudely doesn't help his situation much either.

One day, Thomas was walking with Endal, and he got lost in his home forest. While there, he witnessed Bowie holding a powerful jewel, and mystified by its sight, he stole the jewel and took it back to the base with him, and not knowing what it really was, he swallowed it. This awoke a new power inside him. More TBA.

Game Appearances




Thomas is a white bear with a black diamond surrounding his red right eye, his left eye being blue. He seems to have a small frown on his face and a thick red bowtie extending from his stitched neck.


Thomas is very confused, quite frustrated, and hardly knows what's going on. He tends to act confident, excited, and is very curious, snooping around his landscape for suspicious activities. He wishes to be able to be like the other bears, but knows that this is impossible. He also wishes to destroy his master.




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