Thirty Nights At Freddy's is a port of Five Nights At Freddy's for the Xbox 360 & Xbox One. There are new features, including 2- player, achievements, & new animatronics.


After the last guard, Mike, got fired, you, Janet Green, are up for the night job as a security guard for Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. You knew many different fighting styles. As the manager shows you the place, you say you can't wait to beat some bad humans up. But to you surprise, the manager apologizes and says that the threat is their robotic animals. You are confused and ask if the manager is insane. He says no and that the restaurant closed down a while ago, but the animatronics run wild at night. You are confused and say yes to the job. So at 12 A.M., you get in your chair and hear a jingle, you remember that jingle from your childhood, FREDDY.


In- Game

  • Freddy Fazbear (From FNAF)
  • Bonnie (From FNAF)
  • Foxy (From FNAF)
  • Dingy (A Planned Animatronic In FNAF's Sequel, A Dingo)
  • Dan
  • Pickle (Xbox One Only)
  • Cranky
  • Orange


  • Chica (Was Removed Due To Three More Animatronics Were Going To Be Added)
  • Golden Freddy (Still In- Game, But Has A New Use)


  • Story (You Follow The Story Above With Janet, Having To Survive 30 Nights)
  • Hard Night (The 6th Day From FNAF, But Now Harder)
  • Custom Night (From FNAF) (Xbox One Only)
  • Co- Op (Player One Has The Top Part Of The Map, While Player Two Has The Bottom, You Can Choose

Easy (Night 3), Medium (Day 11), Or Hard (30).

  • Competitive (One Player Must Escape Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, While The Other Is Freddy, Who Must Kidnap You)
  • Day Mode (Unlocked After Winning 20/20/20/20/20/20/20/20/20 On Custom Night, You Interact With Various Objects And People During The Day)


Codes (Found On The Game's Website)

  • 7638370 (Bonnie Plush On Desk)
  • 1849025 (Poster Of Freddy Pulling His Head Off In Security Room)
  • 2768454 (Option To Turn On The Pirate Cove Camera On Custom Night)
  • 0643712 (Option To See Where The Animatronics Are On A Bigger Map On Custom Night)
  • 9479106 (Option To Have Foxy Attack Cameras To Disable Them For An Hour On Custom Night)
  • 7654321 (Chica Appears Backstage Activated During Day Mode And Can Run On Stage If You Push A Blue Button)
  • 9531478 (Freddy Has A 1 In 10 Chance To Have A Waffle On His Head)
  • 1234987 (Option To Play As Bonnie And Foxy In Competitive Mode)
  • 7659277 (Option To Turn On The Pirate Cove Camera On Cooperative Mode)


  • NOOB (Get Killed By An Animatronic (Excludes Blackouts) On Night 1) (0G)
  • Survivor (Escape The Burning Freddy Fazbear's With Golden Freddy, No Suits, Do Not Get Seen By Freddy, And Do Not Get Seen By The Manager, Or Else He Will Call You) (50G)
  • Sacrifice (Save You Manager By Attacking Bonnie, Even Though You Die) (15G)
  • Evil!! (Help Bonnie Kill The Manager) (10G)
  • Freddy's Hat (In Day Mode, Take Off Freddy's Hat When On Stage, However, Most Newer Copies Will Not Let You On Stage Due To It Being A Bad Example) (30G)
  • Code Cracker (Enter 8 Codes Out Of 10) (5G)