Thing is one of the main characters of Dream Kingdom


Thing is shown as a No-Face (what the fan community calls Dimentio's species), Thing has a mask like face, on the left side of his face is black and the right side is white, he has a black eye on his white side and yellow one on the black side. He wears a pink t-shirt, blueish gray pants and gray jester shoes. He has long white hair he commonly keeps in a ponytail, or in feminine like styles. He also has gray skin.


Thing is shown a very kind personality as describing him with the other 4 main characters. He though tends to be "literal-minded" as what people tend to say he is, as he always tries to go with a "what-if" statement on talked about subjects. He also is very shown to be a pervy and sometimes homosexual, as he always talks about mentioning innuendos when they are least needed, and his homosexuality comes from him talking about him in romantic talk about men.


Thing wields all kinds of powers and abilities in magic, where he can flloat, teleport, and do attack like magic powers such as Star Wars like force powers, such as telekinetically tossing his opponent around like a ragdoll, he can also almost force choke like attack people, and also do a "guilotinne" attack where he slices his finger around the head of his opponent and decapitate them, he can even switch dimensions


Thing was an orphan as a child, where he was the only child in the orphanage where they weren't human, that led him to be very hated by the other children, calling him a "freak, crybaby, or monster." Eventually when Thing was 8 years old he was finally adopted by Oozemore, a ghostly man where he adopted Thing to have him as his "apprentice" where he had Thing as his apprentice to be a mage.

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