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Thermo Z
The console's logo.
Developer(s) ThermoBurstLogo250px-Nintendo svg
Console Type Home console
1080p, HD Graphics, Cloud, Computer Access

The Thermo Z is a home console and the first console created by ThermoBurst. It was officially released on January 7th, 2016.



Anyone is allowed to make games for this console. You must simply ask KinglerMaster (tbc) for permission to do so first (preferably on his talk page so he's notified). However, people in the developers list above have permission to do so at any time.


The console has many new features, with the basics including a menu where various apps can be accessed, a social hub, and working internet. The console has the ability to connect to a nearby computer, with permission from the computer if necessary; from here, navigation of the computer can be used to allow streaming of the console itself, certain apps to be used from the computer, and a much better-working internet. The console also features a cloud for storing data.

An account system known as a Z-Account can be obtained for free, although linking a credit card for future purchases and an email is also necessary to sign up. From there, the social hub (which is known as the Z-Base), Cloud access, certain special features, and much more can be accessed.


Thermo Cards

Thermo Cards are accessories that are bought in real-life in a similar manner to amiibo. The player can obtain Thermo Cards through buying them in stores, although some come with games. Thermo Cards can be used for in-game purposes, or in the pre-downloaded app Card Mania which functions similarly to the Wii U's amiibo Tap.


The Z-Hub is the console's main menu, from which almost all features can be accessed.


The Z-Shop is a place where the player can buy various things for the console, ranging from games to themes to collectables. Here is where all Virtual Console games can be obtained.

For more Virtual Console information, see here.




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