This is a list of all of Theodore Thomas' quotes in Wake of the Undead.

The snow...wouldn't it slow them down? Or freeze them, or something?
Theo, Chapter 6

Hey, hey, don't you even think about it.
Theo to Douglas, Chapter 6, you live. But next time you selfishly pull a gun on anyone, anyone, I won't give you anymore mercy.
Theo to Douglas, Chapter 6

I know I heard something!
Theo to the group, Chapter 7

We're a group from up in that hill. We were holding up in a school a few miles from here, but it got overrun. We lost people.
Theo to Morgan, Chapter 9

What's wrong with him?
Theo asking about Ben, Chapter 9

I'm sorry, but he would have bit someone.
Theo to Morgan, Chapter 9

I can tell her what happened.
Theo to Morgan, Chapter 9

Then it's settled, we'll head up to the school and take the vehicles back.
Theo to the group, Chapter 9

We need you here, protecting the rest of the group.
Theo to Tyreese, Chapter 9

Me too.
Theo to Megan, Chapter 11

We're looking for a boy, about 10 years old, short hair. You seen him?
Theo to Devon, Chapter 11

Well, I'm not sure if our leader would let your group stay here, but I can ask.
Theo to Devon, Chapter 11

I hope so.
Theo to Zach, Chapter 11

He couldn't of gotten far, if he did, then there's no hope. We've lost others.
Theo to the group about James, Chapter 12

Hey, hey, easy now. You're lucky you didn't bleed out last night. B here saved your life.
Theo to Tyreese, Chapter 13

It's alright. But we need to have a word with Victor, I think he's hiding something from us.
Theo to Tyreese, Chapter 13

Last night, when we were helping Tyreese, I heard something down by the lab. I went over to investigate, and I heard the growling and moaning. I think he's keeping zombies in his basement.
Theo to the group, Chapter 14

Well let's find out, shall we?
Theo to Megan, Chapter 14

Victor's got zombies in there.
Theo to Morgan, Chapter 14

I know it, I heard them. You can help us deal with them, or just sit back and let them run around in your society, that's your choice.
Theo to Morgan, Drake, and B, Chapter 14

Victor! Victor, get over here! I know what you're doing!
Theo to Victor, Chapter 14

Zombies. You're keeping them in your basement.
Theo to Victor, Chapter 14

I heard 'em.
Theo to Victor, Chapter 14

There's zombies in our 'community', and you feel safe?
Theo to Ron, Chapter 14

Fine, fine. If you aren't going to admit to it, why don't we just see for ourselves?
Theo to Victor, Chapter 14

What is this? Why the hell are you keeping zombies here!?
Theo to Victor, Chapter 14

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