Mario's odyssey cover sketch

The cover art for Dead Terror by Serras-Kai.

The odyssed of Mario is the first in The Legacy of Mario series of fanfics from Darklight inc, which retells the stories of the Mario series in a very different way. This one, particularly, is based on the original Mario Bros. This story is written by the 'first' writer involved in the project, Serras-Kai. So far, the only things released are character snapshots and short profiles, as well as (more recently) the prologue.

The story


The Story begins with Mario and Luigi, both of whom are enjoying a quiet evening watching TV in their home, when the man who 'raised' them in an orphanage came on and was interviewed about them. They only watch it a little before leaving the room, revealing they are actually in the Mushroom Kingdom castle, and head to an interview with a TV reporter, who is doing a special on the brother's recent adventure saving the princess. This is the first time the two, as well as Toad, have told anyone any sort of detailed account of what occured when they were on the adventure.



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